Indian Engagement Session

Downtown Indian Engagement Session | Dana and Mithun | Jacksonville, FL


Downtown Indian Engagement Session

The sights of downtown Jacksonville from the Friendship Fountain did not disappoint for Part II of Dana and Mithun’s Indian engagement session. Locations and backdrops for these two have been nothing but stunning, as you might recall Part I of these two’s sessions in Capri and along the Amalfi Coast of Italy.

But as amazing as Italy and Jacksonville are, we could not take our eyes off of them!

Their handmade traditional Indian attire had details and colors that were impossible not to fall in love with. But our favorite part? How their attire resembled their personalities. Just like Dana’s sari, she is a person that stands out amongst a crowd. The fine details on her dress reflect all the small and admirable things about her, like her sense of humor, her intelligence, and her loyalty to her friends, but together?

All those little details work together to create something stunning.

And just like Mithun, his sherwani was clean cut, professional, and classy. From a distance it appears to be more simple than it is, but as you get closer, you notice more and more about it, and the more and more you know about it, the more and more you can’t help but to admire it, and that is what we love most about Mithun. Because the more that you get to know him, the more you want to be around him. He is a successful doctor, but when you look closer, he is a hilarious, Dana-loving, most generous person that we have ever met.  And just like their attire… Dana and Mithun are just

Beautiful inside and out.

Whether we are enjoying the beautiful waters of Italy or walking the shores of Jacksonville, Dana and Mithun are a couple who you can’t help but to love every second you are with them.

Dana and Mithun, we couldn’t be more happy for you two and what lies in your future. If your past is any inclination of what is in store for you two, we can only imagine what is to come.  We are honored to be the ones to capture your love here at your Indian engagement session. And cannot wait to watch you two be surrounded by family and friends. We love you both so much and cannot even wait for that day to be here already!

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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