A Fall Colorado Private Estate Wedding | Michelle and John | Denver, CO


A Fall Colorado Private Estate Wedding

Michelle and John | Denver, CO

Nestled in the heart of Colorado’s fall foliage, Michelle and John’s love story found its perfect canvas at the groom’s family estate. Originating from the charming cobblestone streets of Amsterdam, their journey led them to a September day that unfolded with unparalleled grace and beauty.

The estate, meticulously brought to life by the masterful touch of Table 6 Productions and adorned with the creative flair of Olive and Poppy, transformed into a haven of opulent florals and lush greenery. Against this backdrop, bridesmaids donned in shades of orange added a vibrant touch, gracefully embracing the fall palette.

The magic intensified as the family pool was ingeniously repurposed, covered with clear flooring to become a captivating stage for both ceremony and reception. This innovative choice offered guests an unforgettable experience, creating an ambiance that echoed the uniqueness of Michelle and John’s love.

Michelle, a DC news broadcaster, brought her radiant spirit to the day with not one but two breathtaking dresses. The dance floor, strategically placed above the pool, became a sea of joy and celebration, a testament to the couple’s infectious happiness.

Stunning florals were not just an accent but a pervasive theme, with a massive green and white floral arch adorning the front of the house. The ceremony, an elegant affair above the pool, was draped in all-white decor, allowing the bridesmaids’ fall colors to shine as the perfect accent.

Despite the weather’s attempt to intervene, Shauna and Jordon’s photography skillfully captured the essence of the day, preserving every stunning detail and heartfelt moment. D2 & Co. and Makeup by Angeles ensured that Michelle and her bridal party looked nothing short of stunning.

Family played a significant role, casting a warm and supportive glow on the celebration. Every corner echoed with the joyous dance of love and the collective laughter of those closest to Michelle and John.

In the heart of Colorado’s fall, Michelle and John crafted not just a wedding but a symphony of love. Every detail, from the radiant dresses to the captivating dance floor, stood as a testament to their journey, gracefully unfolding at the heart of the family estate.

The Creative Team: Planning- Table 6 Productions | Venue- Private Estate | Catering- Epicurean Catering | Photography- Shauna and Jordon | Videography- Moon & Back Co. | Rentals- C Party Rentals | Draping, Chandeliers, and Lighting- LMD Productions | Tent- Event Rents | Florals- Olive and Poppy | Stationery- Signed and Sealed by Steph | Dresses- Eva Lendel, Katherine Tash | Tux- Balani Custom Clothiers | Entertainment- Spinphony, Golden Bell Music, On Cue Entertainment

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