North Hampton Engagement Session | Kelsey and Max | North Hampton, NY


North Hampton Engagement Session

Kelsey and Max | North Hampton, NY

In the tranquil embrace of North Hampton’s coastal allure, Kelsey and Max shared an engagement session that painted a vivid portrait of their love story. Their adventurous spirits and genuine affection took center stage as they embraced the natural beauty around them, with the ocean serving as a poetic backdrop. For Kelsey, whose connection to the ocean was as natural as the ebb and flow of the tides, this session held a special resonance. Hailing from the coastal town of Siesta Key, her affinity for the sea was evident, a connection that had also been glimpsed on the popular MTV show.

Max, equally passionate about wildlife conservation, shared in Kelsey’s love for the ocean. His work with big cats at the Big Cat Habitat reflected his commitment to making the world a better place for both humans and animals alike. Their relationship, forged in the shared values of adventure, compassion, and love for the ocean, became the heart of this engagement session.

Their connection, so evident in every photograph, resonated deeply with readers, capturing the essence of a couple whose love was as boundless as the ocean itself.

As photographers, capturing the natural ease between Kelsey and Max was a true joy. Their shared passion for adventure, wildlife conservation, and the ocean created a story that was not just about love, but also about making a difference in the world.

Styling and Creative Direction| Hawthorne and Poppy

Hair and Makeup | Ashlee Ann Hair and Makeup

As seen on Rangefinder Magazine.

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