Their Oxford Exchange wedding would begin just as the sun set on Tampa Bay, and just hours before their vows were exchanged and they were husband and wife, Stephanie and Phillip stood there… on the steps of Le Meriden… just seconds away from the moment they had long awaited. He stood there, facing the streets […]

His heart was pounding, hands shaking in nervousness as they reached for the ring box. The sound of the water from the fountain in Hyde Park Village seems louder than before. Was it louder than before? And yet, at the same time all the other sounds became obsolete. The only sound he cared to hear […]

Shauna sat on the living room couch, relaxing. Doing as most do when on instagram, scrolling. Mindlessly. Her phone buzzed, notifying her of a new message. And as she opened the message, her jaw dropped, and her hand touched in her chest in flattery. “Jordon… she got engaged less than an hour ago, and she […]

We walked and talked in the parking lot of the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens on the way to their car to grab his bow tie, Jose said “I always knew she was the one.” A thought that Jose had, even long before he and Crystal had even begun their relationship. He just knew. Crystal and […]

He stood there at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton, waiting. Waiting for the moment he had long awaited. He could hear her footsteps slowly approaching. She took in a deep breath. His hands, clenched, began to sweat. His heart, pounding. She exhaled, slowly, and began to speak. “Max, you can turn around.” And in that moment, dressed to […]

As the clock struck midnight, the confetti cannon erupted as the crow cheered “Happy New Years!” Ralph pulled Sarah in tight, champagne popping in hand, looked at his wife, and pulled her in for a kiss.  Fireworks began to explode outside of the windows all around downtown Tampa, and just like that, it was 2020. […]