Driftwood Beach Sunset Session

Driftwood Beach Sunset Session | Amanda and Isaac | Jekyll Island, GA


Driftwood Beach Sunset Session

As we walked together on a trail of soft sand, we couldn’t even believe what we saw…the beauty of their driftwood beach sunset session on Jekyll Island spanned for what looked like miles, was all along the coastline of Georgia.

A little island that held so much unexpected beauty.

We chatted with Amanda and Isaac and their relationship. About their goals and dreams for their own photography business.

It was like talking with two old friends, for the first time.

And just when we thought we couldn’t possibly love them even more,  we got them in front of our cameras.  You guys… from the first shutter click in their first pose, it was like everything fell into place. From incredibly (jealous worthy) style and their  outgoing personalities to the scenery of the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean onto all of the massive driftwood, every single moment was just absolute perfection.

Before we knew it, we were falling in love with Driftwood Beach.

But the truth is, even though the photos from the session are some of our all time favorites… what means the most to us is how this session came to be.

Every session that we do is so meaningful to us, but when fellow photographers choose us to be the ones to document their love… y’all… what an honor. To have someone who is an expert in the same industry as we are, and decide that we are the ones that they choose to love and serve them, and to do it well… that is something that always makes our hearts feel so incredibly full.

It is such an honor when photographers compliment our photos, and even more so when they choose to use us for their photos. So to have Amanda and Isaac not only choose us, but to choose to have us travel all the way from Florida to Georgia… we just cannot even explain how completely humbled and honored we were.

But Amanda and Isaac take that honor even further.

Not only is it an honor when photographers tell us that they love our photos, but it literally brings us to tears (for real y’all… this made me cry) when a photographer looks at the back of our camera, then the look at us, and they say…

“These are the photos we have always dreamed of having.”

We will never forget the first time that we heard that, and it will never stop having the same impact in our hearts. This is why we do what we do. So that everyone who chooses to work with us can always say that they had the photos that they always dreamt of. And when they show our images of them to their children and grandchildren? They can do it with pride- not with a shudder of disappointment.

And a love like theirs? It deserves to be documented.

The love and friendship that they share is truly so inspiring. From the way that Isaac cares for Amanda (from brushing back her hair to making sure that she is happy) to the way that Amanda so intently listens to Isaac when he speaks, you can truly see and feel the love that these two share.

Amanda and Isaac, thank you so much for trusting us to create images that will always remind you of your love and friendship. To create the images from your driftwood beach sunset session that will hang on the walls of you new home. To allow us the opportunity to not only love and serve you as a client, but to learn about you and to get to call you two friends. We are so incredibly thankful to have met you two and we are cheering the two of you, your business, and your relationship on.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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