Amalfi Coast Engagement

Amalfi Coast Engagement | Dana and Mithun | Amalfi, Italy


Amalfi Coast Engagement

He lead her out onto the rocks as the wind and Mediterranean Sea swirled around them. It was one of the final stops on their Amalfi Coast destination engagement session for day two. This was one of the moments that they had been so long awaiting.

A moment that their future children and grandchildren would someday look back on.

The day began in Sorrento where we started the windy drive along the coast, and thankfully with the help of our wonderful driver,  he instructed us on the most perfect spots to begin the day of engagement photos on the coastline of Positano. Houses cascaded down to the shoreline, and we all stood in awe as Italy showed off in all of it’s glory.

As if we had woken up in a dream.

And from there, the day of magic simple continued on. It continued to Il San Pietro Hotel where we were greeted with warm coffee, cold beer, and the most stunning views of the Amalfi Coast. Where lavender walls grew rampant and Italian tile benches lined the rooftop.

And then, we arrived to the city of Amalfi.

Where the stunning bright blue water and cliffside architecture painted the most perfect backdrop for Dana and Mithun. (And if you read yesterday’s post on day one of their engagement session, then you already know that if anyone deserved this, it is them.) When we arrived in Amalfi, we saw the exact spot we were looking for. A spot that required a little bit of climbing to get to, but in true Cooney Couple fashion, Dana and Mithun couldn’t turn down the opportunity to get the most perfect photo. So Mithun grabbed her hand, and together, they climbed out to the middle of the rocks. And the rest?

Well the rest was magic.

And we had still not reached the final stop of this amazing destination engagement. The next stop was Ravello. Yes, we traveled the entire coastline for this Amalfi Coast engagement session. Starting in Positano, then to San Pietro, the amazing Amalfi coastline, and ending in Ravello. This is the once in a life-time trip we were able to document.


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