Patience is a virtue. We’ve heard it over and over in our lives. The importance of patience. Wait your turn for the toy. Work hard and have patience for the promotion. All good things come to those who wait. The time will come. But what if you had to have patience three times- over and […]

It was a Thursday morning in early January. We sat around working- editing photos, prepping blog posts, and answering e-mails. Shauna sifted through the inbox, helping to answer Cooney Couple’s questions, creating timelines, answering wedding day inquiries. All the normal daily to-do’s of being a business owner. And then she got an e-mail from an […]

The sun began to set, slowly, as the wind swirled around Stephanie and Phillip. She stood there on her tippy toes as he pulled her in, love beaming from their eyes. And in that moment, nothing could have been any more perfect for Stephanie and Phil. A Texas tailgate, a smuggled purse, and thousands of […]

We walked downtown, Kayla’s hand in Ryan’s. Chatting about the day, their upcoming wedding, their session, and most importantly, their amazing outfits they were in. Then in what felt like an instantaneous moment, Ryan looked at us, pointed to his beautiful fiancé, and said, “Oh my gosh I know! Do you see how perfect this is […]

It had been a long morning, and we just finished touring Notre Dame, but the day was so beautiful, we couldn’t think of any better way to spend it than outside on a walk. So our 3 mile trek to the Eiffel Tower began. We walked through the park, admiring the beauty of the Eiffel […]

She held her shoes in one hand, and his hand in the other. Looking up in his eyes, you could see that it was all there in front of her. Her love, her best friend, her world. He looked back at his future wife, kissed her on the forehead, and in that moment, it was […]