It is honestly difficult to forget any couple. In fact, for us, it is near impossible. But when a couple’s engagement session includes a private boat tour of Capri, a trip along the Amalfi Coast, and the most beautiful traditional Indian engagement session, well… let’s just say that you know that session is going to […]

The sand settled beneath their feet. The pelicans soared overhead. The waves crashed and glided across the tops of their feet. His hand gently brushed her hair behind her ear, then held it there pulling in her in for a kiss. All while the sun set below the horizon at Fort Desota Park in St. […]

Finding the right one can be accompanied by pressure, stress, excitement, and joy all at the same time. Making sure that every time you are in the presence, you know deep down in your stomach you made the right choice. For Daniel, this wasn’t about him finding Molly. This was about him finding the perfect […]

His heart was pounding, hands shaking in nervousness as they reached for the ring box. The sound of the water from the fountain in Hyde Park Village seems louder than before. Was it louder than before? And yet, at the same time all the other sounds became obsolete. The only sound he cared to hear […]

Shauna sat on the living room couch, relaxing. Doing as most do when on instagram, scrolling. Mindlessly. Her phone buzzed, notifying her of a new message. And as she opened the message, her jaw dropped, and her hand touched in her chest in flattery. “Jordon… she got engaged less than an hour ago, and she […]

We walked and talked in the parking lot of the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens on the way to their car to grab his bow tie, Jose said “I always knew she was the one.” A thought that Jose had, even long before he and Crystal had even begun their relationship. He just knew. Crystal and […]

From 30 to 39. Last year, when we posted our 2018 Best of Engagements blog, we mentioned that somehow, over the year, in addition to all of our weddings, we managed to photograph 30 engagement sessions. And y’all… last year’s schedule had us busy!  So when we took a look at this years numbers, only to realize […]

As we walked the campus of the University of Tampa with Alyssa and Brandon, we learned little stories of their relationship and time spend amongst the brick walls. From the different buildings all the classes they had taken there over the years to the staircase that so many sorority photos were captured. This campus has […]

High school sweethearts. You often hear of them, but too often it sounds like it is some sort of myth. Caroline and John are here to prove that they are more than real. From high school, through college (at two separate universities), and now through their careers in New York City, through all of the […]