Private Boat Destination Engagement Session | Dana and Mithun | Capri, Italy


Private Boat Destination Engagement Session

We arrived in Italy Monday evening, and met up with Dana and Mithun in Sorrento, Italy for their private boat destination engagement session. Which would be the first stop of many for their engagement. We chatted about the next day’s plans and our private boat tour of Capri, and all that was in store for them in the next few days.

Engagement photos that would tell the story of their love unlike anything else we had ever seen.

During that dinner, we laughed, we ate the most delicious seafood and pizza, and in true Italian fashion, we drank red wine. We talked about our lives, and our relationships. And though our chatter, Dana and Mithun reminded us of a life lesson that so many of us forget.

That sometimes first impressions aren’t lasting impressions.

In fact, sometimes first impressions are so bad, that you pay the bill and leave while your date is outside on the phone- on the first date.

Because sometimes, first impressions are wrong.

Because sometimes, just when you think you know a person and their intentions, you could’t be further from the truth. As we listened to Dana and Mithun’s story of how they met and how their relationship began, we couldn’t help but smile. You see, as much as we love picture perfect romantic stories, what we love even more are the ones that don’t start off picture perfect. The ones that don’t just fall into place, but instead require determination. (And knowing Dana and her strong will, it doesn’t surprise us at all that their story required a little bit extra woo-ing 😉).

And Mithun? He did not give up.

He continues to pursue Dana. Showing her his genuine heart, and being the smart woman that she is. It didn’t take Dana long to see that Mithun was a kind, compassionate, and loving person who she would have to be crazy to pass up on. And now, here they are.

Engaged. On Capri. Taking their private boat destination engagement photos.

And if there was anyone who we knew that deserves it- it’s them. Truly, the generosity and kindness that Dana and Mithun shares is rare beyond what we can describe. From the two of them dedicating their lives to caring for their patients through their careers in the medical field (as a doctor and nurse practitioner at that!). To the unwavering loyalty and love that they share with their friends and family, Dana and Mithun are a rare breed. The kind of people who when they love, they love big. And we truly couldn’t be any more proud or honored to get to call them a Cooney Couple. Not just because you two are just so beautiful inside and out…

But because you are family.

Dana and Mithun, truly, finding the words to express to you two how much we love you both is incredibly difficult, but the best part of that is… that we know we don’t need to. That not only do we know you and your hearts, but that we know that you also know ours. To be able to call you two our lifelong friends has always been something that we are so proud of, but to call you two a Cooney Couple and to photograph your love is something that we do not take lightly.

Dana, from meeting freshman year of college, to watching you grow over the years, I could not be more proud of who you are. We will never forget the first time we met Mithun. From the moment he met us, it was like we were immediately family, and it was in that moment that I looked at Jordon (even though it was his first time meeting you Dana), and I told him “I already love him for her.” To be able to photograph these photos for you, to be able to stand by your sides on your wedding day (as a bridesmaid and a photographer) is something that I am so thankful for. To know you, to know your love, and to be there to support it. We love you both so incredibly much, and we cannot even wait for all that is to come.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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