The Don CeSar Engagement Session

The Don CeSar Engagement Session | Amanda and Ruben | St. Petersburg, FL


The Don CeSar Engagement Session

A cocktail in each of their hands, lounging with one another at the hotel lobby bar ready for their Don CeSar engagement session. That is how Amanda and Ruben chose to spend their time before their engagement session. And though Amanda’s glass of champagne was half empty (and Rubens’ long gone), their eyes were full of excitement as they were about to celebrate their love for one another.

It was all in their eyes.

When it comes to eyes, Jordon’s always had this theory. That a in a woman’s eyes alone, you can see all of the ¬†love and admiration that they hold for their best friend, but Amanda didn’t just have “the eyes” when she looked at Ruben… it was on another level.

But it wasn’t just Amanda who gleamed of love and admiration..

Each and every time that Ruben would go in for “the nuzzle” or even glance in the direction of his fianc√©, his eyes beamed. Like each time he looked at Amanda, he was falling in love- all over again. Each time, taking just a little bit longer of a glance than the last when looking at Amanda. He always seemed to take the time to fully take in what he has in front of him, and what they had together as a couple.

To admire the love of his life.

Amanda and Ruben’s love for one another outshined the Don CeSar’s radiant pink walls- and when you see just how beautiful The Don CeSar is… you will fully understand what a statement that is. It outshined the sunset on St. Petersburg beach. It outshined the shades of pink on the smooth waters and soft sands.

And the results? They were pure magic.

Amanda and Ruben, ever since our consultation we have been crossing our fingers hoping you two would become a Cooney Couple. Because the truth is, from the moment we met, we fell in love with you two. We fell in love with your love, with your friendship, and with how incredible your hearts are. We left that consultation knowing so much in our hearts that you two were exactly what it means to be a Cooney Couple. To love your best friend fiercely- to want a love that isn’t just good, but a great love.

And to get to photograph your love and friendship? To document these moments for your future children and grandchildren? It makes us so proud to be photographers. To not only meet people like you two, but to make an impact in your marriage. From Jordon and Ruben’s love for sports and similar clothing styles, to Shauna and Amanda’s love for animals, we are so incredibly thankful to know you two- to call you two friends- and we cannot even wait for all that’s to come in the future for you and your love.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon


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