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Ringling Museum of Art Engagement Session | Chan and Louis | Sarasota, FL


Ringling Museum of Art Engagement Session

Before Chan and Louis’ Ringling Museum of Art engagement session, we received an email from them. It stated “We are real awkward. So counting on you guys to help us look not awkward in these pictures.” This is not the first time we have heard this from a couple before a session. And believe us or not, but take a look at these photos. You tell me if these two beautiful people look or feel awkward?

The answer? Absolutely not!

Chan and Louis may have had this feeling on the drive to the Ringling Museum of Art, but that feeling was soon long gone. As soon as we saw them walk up in their formal Vietnamese attire, we knew they going to love the way their look.

We set walked to the first location. Set them in their first pose. Took the photo, and Shauna showed them the back of her camera. From that point on, it was all smiles, and all confidence. Chan and Louis were now models and will never have the slightest of doubts when it comes to having their pictures taken. Whether that is at the Ringling Museum of Art or at their wedding venue in San Diego, California.

These two were stunning.

As amazing as it was amazing to watch their confidence grow, its even more amazing the obstacles these two have overcome. Their wedding has been rescheduled due to COVID-19, and they have been living apart from one another as they both work on their Pharmaceutical degrees.

Yes, these two are a power couple.

Rescheduling a wedding is not an easy task, and doing it while living apart from your significant other? That is not a task many of us have the will to accomplish. But leave it to these two, their drive, and love for one another to push through these tough obstacles for their one goal:

To marry their best friend.

Chan and Louis, we absolutely cannot wait for your San Diego wedding day to be here and until we get to celebrate your love and marriage with you two. And though we are not sure where to begin when describing the love we have for the two of you, you can rest assured that our love for you as a couple grew beyond belief at your Ringling Museum of Art engagement session. Learning that you recently made a move to Ohio and that Louis has finished his residency fits your relationship as well as we know it. And we know that you will take on this new challenge, as well as any others, head-on. And of course, just like you’ve done before, you will both come out on top bigger and better than before.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon




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