Gasparilla Inn & Club Engagement Session | Julia and Zach | Boca Grande, FL


Gasparilla Inn & Club Engagement Session

Julia grabbed her beer as we began to walk to a new location for her and Zach’s Gasparilla Inn & Club engagement session. As we began walking Zach quickly noticed a familiar face waving in the distance. This familiar, smiling face was Julia’s mother. As we began walking towards one another,

her smile kept getting bigger.

She said to them, “I noticed you all taking pictures, but wanted to give you some space.” Then followed by a comment about how great it is that we are taking pictures and getting to know one another before the wedding day. Does this beautiful soul know how Shauna and Jordon Photography works? Has she been to a previous wedding that we have photographed? Because these statements are the exact reasons we do engagement sessions before the wedding day.

To make your wedding day more relaxed and enjoyable.

We were only 10-20 minutes into this engagement session at the Gasparilla Inn & Club, when Shauna and I looked at one another and smiled. We knew the type of couple we had before us, and they are the definition of a Cooney Couple. From the beer Julia was drinking, their laid back personalities, to the family around them.

We knew that the rest of the session was going to be great.

Julia’s mother then pointed us in the direction of their golf cart that she parked, we piled in with smiles that matched hers, and we waved bye as we drove away from the Inn to another location that was going to be just as good, if not better, than the first one.

And we enjoyed the ride all over the island getting there.

Julia and Zach, we had such a great time photographing and hanging around you two. We truly had a great time learning more and more about the two of you, along with your family. We cannot wait to see you two again, as Jordon is ready for more “BUMP!” alerts from Zach as we drove over speed bumps. And if you are both like us, we will be prepared with bug spray the next time we come. Because we are ‘itching’ to get back to the Gasparilla Inn & Club for your wedding day. (Couldn’t help ourselves with that dad joke, as we know Zach would approve.)

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon


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