Le Méridien Engagement Session | Lauren and Zach | Tampa, FL


Le Méridien Engagement Session

We decided to move to a different side of the building for Lauren and Zach’s Le Méridien engagement session. It was here when we really fell in love their outfit choices. I mean, we loved them before we moved, but after the location change is when we really appreciated just how well their outfits complimented their surroundings of the Le Méridien Hotel.

And this was just their first outfit!

After the second location, they changed into their second outfit. Let’s just say, that the images speak for themselves for not only how good they look, but how good they felt, and how good they made one another feel.

Throughout the rest of the session Lauren was laughing (even more than before), and Zach was more than willing to go in for a kiss (even more than before). Their personalities started to radiate off the white walls of Le Méridien and through the lens of our cameras.

It did not matter what pose they were in, they rocked it.

Not because of the direction that was given, but because of how they felt in each others arms. It is during these times that tell us so much about the relationship these two have. Because not only did they come to their session ready and excited, but they came to the session after moving all day!

Lauren and Zach just closed on their new home and had spent the entire day prior to their session moving in. And I think we can all agree that moving day, is an exhausting day.

But these two put their love, joy, and excitement for this new part of their life into their session.

And they will have these photos for a lifetime.

Whenever they look at these photos, they will be taken back to this time. The time when they just bought a new home. The time they had their engagement photos taken. And the best time they had with one another in downtown Tampa with a bottle of champagne. Which got finished when they got back to their new home, accompanied by some pizza.

Because isn’t that how we should all spend the first night in a new home?

Lauren and Zach, we had such a great time with you during your downtown Tampa and Le Méridien engagement session. It was hard to not be jealous of your emotions during this session. Because we all would have loved to be in your shoes, expressing love like that, drinking champagne, and eventually eating pizza in your new home. This is how we would describe a perfect date night, which describes you as the perfect Cooney Couple.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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