Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Engagement Session | Emma and Zach | Sarasota, FL


Selby Botanical Gardens Engagement

Things fall perfectly into place and everything goes according to plan. We wish this was the case for Emma, Zach and their Selby Botanical Gardens engagement session. Unfortunately, that is not how things panned out for them. First it was the closure of Marie Selby Botanical Gardens due to COVID-19, and then it was the unpredictable Florida weather.

These factors pushed back and rescheduled their date on multiple counts.

While most of us would be beyond frustrated with these circumstances, that is not the case for these two. Emma and Zach were more than flexible and accommodating each and every time there was a reschedule. Always positive, always supportive, and always looking forward to their engagement session.

Whenever that would be.

That time finally came for them, but Florida had something else for them. A heat index of 105 degrees. For all non Floridians, that means extremely hot with a 100% chance of sweat…a lot of sweat.

But of course, Emma and Zach did not seem to care. They took what they were given and made the most of it with one another. They knew they loved Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, as it’s why they chose it to be their wedding venue,

and they knew they enjoyed being with each other.

And with those two things, they did what they do best, and enjoy the moment. The amount of heat, sweat, and movement was not the ideal situation to be outside in. But, neither is all the other obstacles life has in store for you. Whether that is continuing to work amid this pandemic, or staying positive at all times through things that can easily become difficult.

Emma and Zach are there for one another.

Emma and Zach, thank you so much for choosing us to be the ones to photograph your wedding day. It was truly a pleasure spending time and getting to know you even more. If your Marie Selby Botanical Gardens engagement session is any indication of how your wedding day will be, we are really looking forward to it. Let’s just hope for a little less heat and humidity this time.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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