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Vizcaya Museum Engagement Session | Crystal and Jose | Miami, FL


Vizcaya Museum Engagement Session

We walked and talked in the parking lot of the Vizcaya Museum for their engagement session. On the way to their car to grab his bow tie, Jose said “I always knew she was the one.” A thought that Jose had, even long before he and Crystal had even begun their relationship.

He just knew.

Crystal and Jose have added their own special touch to the term “high school sweethearts.” Because though they met one another in high school, and Jose knew she was the one even from those high school hallways, they put dating on hold until after graduation.

These two knew how difficult it can be to go through all the ups and downs of being a young adult, let alone while being with the one you care about the most. Honestly? It is a lot of pressure for two high schoolers. But somehow, Crystal and Jose had maturity so far beyond most middle aged adults, and they did what is so hard for so many of us.

They waited for the timing to be right.

So as they put their education first, their friendship with one another continued to grow. And then, one day in college, they knew. The time had finally come to elevate their love for each other. And like most things that are long awaited, the time could not have been any sweeter.

Jose finally had this one and only.

And there is just something so special to us about Crystal and Jose. The fact that they both are so incredibly smart, patient, and honestly just so intuitive is something that is just so rare. When we think about how difficult it must have been to know that the timing just wasn’t right (for two¬†teenagers- you guys. We were teachers. We know just how rare that is!), well… it makes us think about how we can only hope that someday our own children will have the same foresight and patience that Crystal and Jose had. Because thanks to their patience?

They now have it all.

Crystal and Jose, it was so amazing to finally get to see and hug you two in person! From the moment that we first interacted that you two, we knew immediately that you two were a Cooney Couple. And talking with you both in the beautiful Vizcaya Museum, well… it made us just fall in love with you that much more. The amount of comfort and joy that you two have when in each other’s arms is truly just so amazing to witness- from the way that you two make each other giggle to the love in your eyes as you look at each other. And now? Well.. we have a feeling that you two just gave us even more of a reason to make the drive to Miami a lot more often.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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