Downtown Tampa Engagement Session | Tampa, Florida

As we walked the campus of the University of Tampa with Alyssa and Brandon, we learned little stories of their relationship and time spend amongst the brick walls. From the different buildings all the classes they had taken there over the years to the staircase that so many sorority photos were captured. This campus has significant meaning to the two of them, as it is not only where they got their degrees from, but it also where they first met …as friends.

The place where it all began.

The place where friendship grew into something more. Like Monica and Chandler. Unexpected, but once together, you couldn’t be any happier and excited for the both of them. So for Alyssa and Brandon, what began as a friendship from the dorms turned into so much more. And just like Monica and Chandler, over time, that friendship began to develop into so much more.

From friends to fiancee.

It’s as if they knew the definition of a #CooneyCouple way before anyone else did. Being together and enjoying life with your best friend is something that is a core element for our Cooney Couples. So as these two walked the campus together, hand in hand, it’s was so easy to see just how comfortable and happy they are to be together.

To be the one that they each get call “theirs.”

Alyssa and Brandon, we had such an amazing time getting to see the both of you again. We seriously love how you both adore one another and how much family means to the both of you. Because being so connected to our own family, we can only imagine how meaningful it was for Brandon to propose while the two of you were surrounded by your families. It truly takes a special kind of person to put their family first. To love the people who have been around you your whole life so wholly. Through the good and the bad. But honestly? We know first hand that it is the people who have loved their family through it all who make the best husband and wives. Because when life gets tough, you know how to work through the hard stuff, how to forgive, and how to put love first. And you two? Well, we know with all of our hearts that you have what it takes.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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