Ritz-Carlton Sarasota Wedding

Ritz-Carlton Sarasota Wedding | McKenna and Max | Sarasota, Florida


Ritz-Carlton Sarasota Wedding

He stood there at in anticipation for his Ritz-Carlton Sarasota wedding. Waiting for the moment he had long awaited. He could hear her footsteps slowly approaching. She took in a deep breath. His hands, clenched, began to sweat. His heart, pounding. She exhaled, slowly, and began to speak.

“Max, you can turn around.”

And in that moment, dressed to the nines in his Marine blues, he turned around to see his beautiful fiancé. His future wife. The love of his life.

His best friend.

And from their first look at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton Sarasota to their beachfront wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Beach Club, every last giggle, kiss, and smile share was filled with so much joy, love, and admiration. Being around McKenna and Max, it is so clearly evident that they are meant to be together. From McKenna’s crush on Max as childhood friends to Max realizing that she is the love of his life, their love story literally sounds like it could have been out of a movie (and honestly- they look like they stepped out of a movie themselves!) And with hearts as amazing and pure as theirs are…

They truly deserve the amazing love story that they share.

When you talk to McKenna and Max, you might guess that McKenna is a model, but with just how kind and considerate and loving she is, you might actually begin to second guess yourself. (But don’t, because she actually is a professional model). And Max? Well, if you caught him outside of uniform, his calm, easygoing, carefree demeanor would totally have you thrown for a loop once you learn he was a Marine. But together? Nothing about them catches you off guard, because every bit of them makes perfect sense.

Absolute perfect sense.

McKenna and Max, we are truly so thankful to have seen you two again because honestly? We just can’t get enough of you two. From having you two model for us at Be Wed’s editorial to your engagement session, each and every time we get together it seems better than the previous times. And each time… we are still somehow so obsessed with just how in love and smitten you two are with each other.

It truly takes such special and loving kind of man to get to earn the love of a woman like McKenna, and it takes an equally special woman to earn the love and trust of a man like Max. But we couldn’t be any more sure that if anyone deserves your love, that it is you two who deserve to share it. We are so thankful for the friendship that we have created with you two, and are so thankful to have shared your wedding day with you two, your friends, and your family, and we cannot wait to see you again soon.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon



The Amazing Vendor Team:

Planner | Be Wed

Venue | The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota

Photography | Shauna and Jordon Photography 

Bridal Gown | Truly Forever Bridal 

Bridesmaids | Show Me Your Mumu

Florals | So Staged Florals

Rentals | So Staged Rentals

Furniture | So Staged Event Design

Band | Matt Winter Band

Hair and Makeup | Brides by Kelly Anne + Co.

Videography | Love and Covenant

Invitations | Minted Weddings

Catering | The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota

Shoes | Nina Shoes

Groom’s Attire | Marine Uniform, The Black Tux

Groomsmen | The Black Tux

Rings | Mayors

Lighting | Affairs in the Air

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