Ultimate Surprise Anniversary Session | Anna and Ryan | Tampa, FL


It was a Thursday morning in early January. We sat around working- editing photos, prepping blog posts, and answering e-mails. Shauna sifted through the inbox, helping to answer Cooney Couple’s questions, creating timelines, answering wedding day inquiries. All the normal daily to-do’s of being a business owner.

And then she got an e-mail from an unfamiliar sender.

Shauna sat at her desk reading the e-mail, and in typical Shauna fashion, she got Jordon’s attention and began to read the e-mail aloud to him. (After all- the title was engaging enough that Shauna knew she would be running the e-mail by Jordon). An e-mail she received from a Mississippi husband and wife photography duo. Both teachers. A story that sounded so similar to theirs.

A story that hit so close to home.

Shauna read the e-mail aloud, and as she reached the third paragraph, Shauna’s voice began to crack, tears began to fill her eyes, and her hands came up, covering her mouth. Unable to read aloud anymore (without breaking into a full-on sob fest), she read the e-mail to herself and tears continued to stream down her face. Jordon looked over, confused, and asked if she was okay.

The truth was- she wasn’t okay.

You see- no matter how much our following grows, how many photographers we educate, or how many couples we serve, we never feel any different about who we are. Though we know somewhere deep down that we have some truly amazing people who love following us, it is so hard for us to recognize just how big of an impact this business makes in other business owners lives. In their dreams.

In showing them what they can make happen.

So as we read the e-mail, we were so incredibly humbled, and even more so, honored to hear about Anna and Ryan’s story, and what an impact our putting our lives and business out there for the world to see had made in their lives and business.

So we planned a dinner date and photo session for March to surprise Anna. Ryan had planned a vacation to Florida to “surprise” Anna with a trip to Disney (which yes, we promise they did actually go to after their visit to Tampa 😉). And the day of their arrival, Ryan and Anna went to one of our all-time favorite restaurants (that we knew they would love too), and began what Anna thought was a little date night. The beginning of Ryan’s ultimate surprise trip.

Getting to meet us.

And you guys- from the second Ryan had e-mailed us, we knew that we were going to love them. Not only is Ryan a rockstar of a husband for planning this amazing surprise vacation for his beautiful wife Anna, but he also surprised her with wardrobe for the session, professional hair and makeup, and a bouquet from one of our favorite florists- Tailored Twig. (Bonus points to Ryan too for also sneaking in purchasing and receiving his custom made suit from Fellow Mensware just in time for their session as well! 😉) And y’all-

I don’t know if we’ve ever been more right about two people.

Because not only are Ryan and Anna just the sweetest, kindest, most compassionate couple ever, but they are also an absolute power couple and incredible entrepreneurs. As we sat there all night chatting with them about all things photography and business, we knew in our hearts that we had not just made an impact in their lives, but that they had made an impact in ours. Because Ryan and Anna?

They are the kind of people that will easily become lifelong friends of ours.

The kind of friends who share a reflection of your heart and passion. The kind of friends that motivate and remind you to keep on pushing through in your life and marriage- even though you live thousands of miles apart.

And y’all- if you wanna talk about marriage goals, just look to Anna and Ryan.

Truly- the love, respect, and friendship that Anna and Ryan shares exemplify what a Cooney Couple is. Because not only are they a power couple, but they aim to make an impact in the lives of those around them. They inspire, compromise, and put others first. They value experiences over things. And mostly?

They are married to their best friend.

And though we are so incredibly sad to see Anna and Ryan returning to their adorable Mississippi home, we know that our friendship is just beginning. Even more so, that their journey is just getting started. And y’all- we genuinely cannot even wait to watch their love, business, and family grow as the years continue on. And the best part?

Their business journey with us isn’t done just yet.

Because in April? Well in April we will see them at our Cooney Classroom (because yes, you guessed it, they are one of our incredible husband and wife duo’s attending it!). And until then? Well until then, we will keep in touch. We will cheer each other’s successes on. We will share business secrets and watch each others’ businesses and lives thrive. And when things go wrong? We will listen, encourage, and give advice.

Like good friends do.

Anna and Ryan, we are so incredibly thankful to know you two. To sit and share all of our business secrets with you, well- it just feels so right. For so long our teacher hearts have wanted to have an amazing couple to mentor and sew our knowledge into, and it truly is like it was a divine plan for Ryan to be right there in our inbox all those months ago. Like it was always meant to be you two. We are truly so honored to know you both and to call you  two friends. The way that you two are a refuge for your couples makes our hearts so incredibly proud, and we truly know you are going to go so far in life and business. Please always remember, we are just a call, text, DM, or e-mail (😉) away.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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