The Ringling Museum Engagement Session | Sarasota, FL

To say that Paisley and Jared’s engagement session at The Ringling Museum couldn’t have been any better might just be the understatement of the season. From the way that Jared doted on Paisley to the way that she giggled at all of his jokes and quirks, we’re pretty sure it must be impossible to question that these two were meant to be together.

Six years of being in love with your best friend.

Middle School. Friend Zones. High School. Dating. College. Proposals. Long-distance and everything in-between.

A love that radiates laughter, happiness, and friendship.

We’re pretty convinced that being around Paisley and Jared (regardless of how long you have known them for) is like being around two of your longest and oldest friends who were always just meant to be. The two that you always knew who would be together.

The ones who would make it.

Paisley and Jared, we are so incredibly honored to know you two. When we say that you two have the easy going, kind, considerate, travel loving power couple embodiment of a Cooney Couple, there truly is no exaggeration. So when the two of you end up with photos of these? Well… we think it all just makes sense. Because if anyone deserves everything and then some to share their love with the world, well, we think you two definitely fit the bill.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon


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