Whimsical Engagement Session | Julia and Justin | Tampa, FL


Patience is a virtue.

We’ve heard it over and over in our lives. The importance of patience. Wait your turn for the toy. Work hard and have patience for the promotion. All good things come to those who wait.

The time will come.

But what if you had to have patience three times- over and over? Would that be a virtue you could practice with face, poise, kindness, and understanding? It’s always in moments like that which true character comes out. Moments in which even some of our own darkest sides might come out.

But not Julia and Justin.

You see, if patience was an olympic sport, they would have won the gold medal. Three times over. (Watch out Michael Phelps- they’re coming for ya!) Because between bad weather, scheduling issues, and basically anything that could keep them from their engagement session- if it happened, it did.

Three times over.

But Julia remained poised and kind. She was patient and understanding. And it was in each of the reschedules that I spoke with Julia that I realized just what a lucky man Justin is.

Because Julia truly has a heart of gold.

And Mother Nature? Well- let’s just say that when it did finally become time for Julia and Justin’s engagement session, mother mature showed off. Because never before have we seen a late March date have such a beautiful 70 degree evening. And their sunset? It was absolutely stunning.

And if anyone deserved it, it was Julia and Justin.

Julia and Justin, being around you two truly makes our hearts so incredibly happy. The love and friendship that you share is so incredible, and getting to watch the way that you two look at each other makes our hearts so proud- like we’re little mama birds watching their own babies, and to say that you two have absolute hearts of gold is a complete understatement. But mostly-  we are so incredibly thankful and proud to call you two a #CooneyCouple.


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