High school sweethearts. You often hear of them, but too often it sounds like it is some sort of myth. Caroline and John are here to prove that they are more than real. From high school, through college (at two separate universities), and now through their careers in New York City, through all of the […]

The feeling you get when it feels like you’ve know someone far longer than in reality. That is the exact feeling we get every time we are with McKenna and Max. Complete comfort and conversations about everything because they simply ‘click.’ Like you’ve become lifelong friends with them in an instant. And the ironic part? […]

The sun was behind the trees, the breeze was light, and the weather was cool (or cool to a Floridian) as we walked up to take in the sites of the beautiful Casa Feliz in Winter Park. We admired the stunning historic architecture and the luxury shops lining the street. Just moments later, Chanel and […]

We pulled out our cellphone for the final picture of the day, the Cooney Couple Selfie. Both Anina and Johnny positioned themselves accordingly, we all put our arms around one another, and we confidently smiled. As beautiful as they looked in the photo, the key word part of this photo is that they were ‘confident.’ […]

Geometry Honors. AP Literature. AP Microeconomics. And honestly? So many other classes. We sat there chatting about school, homework, and as most high school girls do… boys. They always tell you, but you never really know just how fast high school is going to go by. And then? One day it’s done. But you know […]

From the moment that you pull up to Gasparilla Inn and Club on the island of Boca Grande, it’s like you arrived right into the heart of paradise. ¬†From the beautiful long white columns to the lush floral landscaping, each and every corner of the inn was designed and created with elegance in mind. And […]