Lido Key Engagement Session

Lido Key Engagement Session | McKenna and Max | Sarasota, FL


Lido Key Engagement Session

The feeling you get when it feels like you’ve know someone far longer than in reality. That is the exact feeling we get every time we are with McKenna and Max. Complete comfort and conversations about everything because they simply ‘click.’ Especially during their Lido Key engagement session.

Like you’ve become lifelong friends with them in an instant.

And the ironic part? ¬†For McKenna and Max, their story is a lot different that the story of our friendship, because their love story isn’t one that began recently. In fact, their love story didn’t even begin as a love story. But honestly? We think that is what makes their relationship so special. Because after knowing each other for most of their lives (thanks to their families being friends), being around McKenna and Max is truly like being around two best friends who were just always mean tot be together.

Two best friends who were always meant to be together.

But then again… that’s because that is exactly what they are. We mean… it isn’t ever day that you marry someone who you have known ¬†since childhood. But like most girls who think boys have cooties, Max did to McKenna. And like most boys, who are more interested in showing off to their friends, Max was just that. It wasn’t until later on in their post-high school lives, that McKenna forgot about Max’s cooties. And Max? Well, he still wanted to show off… but this time, it was to get McKenna’s attention.

Like a real life Cory and Topanga.

Their relationship soon grew into more than simply hanging out because their parents did, and their love flourished. A love that is so evident in every little gesture. Like the way Max sneaks in compliments and kisses McKenna every chance he can, and the way McKenna looks into Max’s. And when you see their love for yourself, you can’t help but to feel like you’re in the presence of something special.

Because honestly? You truly are.

McKenna and Max, thank you so much for welcoming us into your lives like we were lifelong friends of yours. We had such a good time during your Lido Key engagement session. Whether that was at the shoppes, or on the beach. Your love for one another and for others truly is something that we love and admire so much in you two, and we are so thankful to have met you two. We know your wedding day is going to be just absolutely stunning, but even more so, that you two are going to have lives filled with so much adventure, laughter, and beauty. We love you two so much and cannot wait to see all that life has in store for you both.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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