Casa Feliz Engagement Session

Historic Casa Feliz Engagement Session | Chanel and Gerardo | Winter Park, FL


Casa Feliz Engagement Session

The sun was behind the trees, the breeze was light, and the weather was cool (or cool to a Floridian) as we walked up to take in the sites for this beautiful Casa Feliz engagement session in Winter Park. We admired the stunning historic architecture and the luxury shops lining the street. Just moments later, Chanel and Gerardo walked up the long glowing walkway  with the biggest, most beautiful smiles on their face. They too were loving the location that had been set to be the background to showcase their love for one another. Because when you have two driven people who love and adore one another with the joy and happiness the way these two do…

A spectacular location like Casa Feliz is a must.

And then, from the first click on our camera, the laughter and giggles began. You see… traditionally, it is our brides that initiate the laughter throughout the sessions, but this time, it was all Gerardo. His smile grew and laughter pursued. And you know that contagious laugh that some people have?

That is Gerardo.

So as we stood behind our cameras, we couldn’t help but begin to laugh and giggle ourselves. But the person that caught this laughter the most?

That was Chanel.

What started as a nervous chuckle from Gerardo soon turned into the most adorable expressions from the two of them. Every. Single. Time. No matter the pose and no matter the location- their laughs were heard and felt all around them. From the way that Chanel and Gerardo laughed through their session to the pure joy they felt as they took photos with their fur baby Coco, every last second of their session was truly filled with so much happiness.

And the results? Well, they’re something truly spectacular.

Chanel and Gerardo, we seriously had so much fun during your Casa Feliz engagement session with you two and Cocoa. From your consultation to your engagement session, every single moment with you two has just been so much fun. Like we were just around lifelong friends… laughing, making memories, and taking the most adorable photos of you two and your sweet fur baby. (Seriously- how is she so cute?!) We are so thankful to know you both, and we cannot even wait to watch you two as you marry each other. We are so incredibly proud to call you two a Cooney Couple, and we cannot wait to see you two again soon.

Hug and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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