Luxury Ringling Museum Engagement Session | Anina and Johnny | Sarasota, FL


Ringling Museum Engagement Session

We pulled out our cellphone for the final picture of the day at this luxury Ringling Museum engagement session, the Cooney Couple Selfie. Both Anina and Johnny positioned themselves accordingly, we all put our arms around one another, and we confidently smiled. As beautiful as they looked in the photo, the key word part of this photo is that they were ‘confident.’

A feeling that wasn’t there when their session began.

You see, both Anina and Johnny told us that they were super nervous and anxious (amongst other feelings) at the time. Even though their stunning outfit choice and beauty could have blown the pink off of the Ringing Museum walls, their eyes told us differently. Breaking this wall down is something that we strive to see in all of our couples. Watching Anina and Johnny’s confidence grow with every pose… well honestly… it was something you just had be there for.

It was like watching a block of ice melt off of their shoulders.

Not only did their confidence in front of the camera grow with each click of the camera, but they then began to enjoy each other’s company more. They began to laugh more. They created joyful memories together. Memories that they will forever look back on and remember fondly. And the result?

Images that show the true love and friendship that these two share.

Jokes began to be made. Laughs were seen more and more. Cell phone pictures of statues backsides were taken (not sure who got the liberty of seeing that photo from Johnny… but you’re welcome). And good times were had.

Anina and Johnny allowed us to see their relationship and why they such a perfect fit for one another. Johnny continued to support his fiancĂ©e through words of encouragement, and a few words whispered in her ear (that can’t be repeated). Not that they shouldn’t be repeated, but the fact that we actually couldn’t hear him. 😂 And that’s totally okay with us, because whatever was being said… well…

They continuously had Anina laughing and enjoying her time.

Anina and Johnny, thank you so much for allowing us to show your true selves in front of the camera at your Ringling Museum engagement session. It was amazing to be there in the moment with you two, as we had such an amazing and honestly- such a fun time. After taking our selfie we said, “Remember that time when you two were nervous at the beginning?” And you both jokingly and sarcastic said, “What? That didn’t happen?!”

You guys, that exact moment is such a huge reason of why we love what we do. It is couples like you two that we love making friendships with. Because we may all not be “models” (well, maybe not before the session), but we all are willing to learn, grow, and make the people around us better. Whether you two realize it or not, you two make us better and love each other more. And that is something we can never thank you two enough for.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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