The Ringing Engagement Session

The Ringling Museum Engagement Session | Elizabeth and Carlos | Sarasota, FL


The Ringling Engagement Session

Geometry Honors, AP Literature, and AP Microeconomics. And honestly? So many other classes. We sat there at their The Ringling engagement session chatting about school, homework, and as most high school girls do… boys. They always tell you, but you never really know just how fast high school is going to go by. And then? One day it’s done. But you know what they don’t tell you?

Just how fast it will all go by once it’s over.

Because it honestly feels like we blinked, and suddenly… here we are. 11 years later. College graduates who found ways to not only do well in their careers, but to excel in them. But that never surprised Shauna about Elizabeth. You see… they always were pretty similar. (We mean… if anyone was going to beat Shauna out for most talkative in high school, it was clearly Elizabeth. šŸ˜‰) But as we watched Elizabeth and Carlos together during their engagement session (and while enjoying some delicious Tex-Mex food), one thing was really clear to Shauna.Ā Something that she never could have envisioned. And that? Well, that was…

To see Elizabeth happier than her already incredibly optimistic self.

Because when someone as genuinely kind and loving as Elizabeth is suddenly on a whole new level of happiness, honestly? It’s like reaching a new level in Mario Cart that you didn’t even know existed (or that you even knew that you wanted), but once you see it…

It sets your soul on fire.

You see, Elizabeth and Carlos individually are some of the most amazing and loving people ever. They are kind, generous, and honestly so incredibly compassionate. But together? There is just such a tenderness full of so much joy- in a way that you haven’t ever seen before. Because when you put two people who are that incredible on their own together…

You truly get something special.

Elizabeth and Carlos, we are so incredibly happy for you two and to have been able to reconnect through your The Ringling engagement session. We know that your wedding day is going to be so beautiful, but even more so that you two will have a marriage full of support, kindness, and drive. And honestly? Those are qualities that make usĀ so proud to call you two not only a Cooney Couple, but even more so to call you two friends. We love you both and cannot wait for all that is ahead.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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