Paris Engagement Session

Eiffel Tower and Louvre Engagement Session | Kristen and Kyle | Paris, France


Paris Engagement Session

The sun rose over the horizon of Paris, slowly, beautifully- in the most stunning hues of purple and pink. Shauna and Jordon raised the cameras to their eyes and exhaled a deep breath during this Paris engagement session. There light reflected off of the metal of the Eiffel Tower, and Shauna looked at Jordon with a tear in her eye.

This was it.

This was the moment that she had dreamed of for over ten years. Actually- no. This wasn’t that dream… because it was so much better than that dream.

Sometimes, life can be pure magic.

When we spoke with Kristen and Kyle about doing their engagement session in Paris, Shauna’s eyes began to well with tears. You see… Shauna has always loved the city of Paris- without ever even stepping foot on the soil.

In high school, she took four years of French, and always dreamed of visiting the city of love. (Yes- she has always been the hopeless romantic that she is). So much so, that she always joked that she didn’t want to have any children until she could see Paris. It was a lifelong dream that she was determined to make happen.

But never did she imagine it would happen the way it did.

On Valentines Day, celebrating her first wedding anniversary with the love of her life- her soulmate. And as if that wasn’t enough to make this trip to Paris more than we could have ever imagined, it was all to photograph a Cooney Couple in front of the Eiffel Tower on her wedding anniversary with that love of her life. A Paris engagement session.

Sometimes, life can be even more than magic.

So as Kristen and Kyle stood there, in front of the Eiffel Tower (straight up radiating all of the Parisian Valentines Day vibes), a lifelong dream came to life.

Photograph a Paris engagement session.

A goal that was worked so hard towards. And as Kyle pulled Kristen in, and the pure love that they share for one another radiated across their faces, it was in that moment that pride filled our hearts. Pride for our couples- all across the world. Pride in our work, in our ability to turn our dreams into real, tangible goals that we refuse to settle for less on. And pride for this business and the impact we make in our couples lives through it.

Pride for the life that we have made- together.

Kristen and Kyle, where do we even begin aside from saying thank you. Thank you for being a Cooney Couple. For seeing the value in being a part of this community. Thank you for showing Paris the love, commitment, and passion that a Cooney Couple shares.

For being an example of love, friendship, and adventure. The path that you two have been through (from moving all over the United States together to across the world) exemplifies the drive and commitment that you two share, and we are so incredibly proud to not only know you, but to be the ones who get to stand by your side on your wedding day.

Because as you two share your vows with one another… we know that those vows will be some of the most powerful, heartfelt words we have ever heard, and it is truly our honor to be a part of that moment with you two. We love you two so much and truly cannot wait to watch you two as you overcome and enjoy life’s adventures- together.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon


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