A smile beamed across his face- from ear to ear. Pride radiated on his face as he watched their closest friends walk towards them. One by one. And then, the aisle cleared, and the doors began to open, and in that moment, everything changed. Like his world had been put into slow motion. A love […]

Working that nine to five can be such a drag. Right? But what if that nine to five allowed for you to travel all over the country? What if it allowed for you to see new places, experience new things, and meet new people. Sometimes life has this way of having a plan that you never […]

As we arrived to Michelle and Peter’s mansion on New Smyrna Beach, anticipation began to creep up in our hearts. We were so excited that their wedding day was finally here. The sun was beaming (the way it tends to do in Florida), the wind swirled around the palm trees. Inside, were Michelle and Peter. […]

What happens when you find someone as selfless as you? Someone who puts their heart and life on the line to making others’ lives better. Someone who gives their all until there is nothing left to give. Someone who devotes their whole life to making yours better. And then when you find that person, what […]

As Florida photographers, we often get destination couples that want the beach wedding they have always dreamed of. From our first virtual consultation that we had with Anna and Jake, we could just feel the trust they had in us to make their dream wedding come true. A trust to make the day that they […]

Welcome to the Cooney Classroom. You see, last year, we had an idea. The idea to share everything we know. To share the secrets that have helped us launch this amazing business from ground zero to full time in just 6 months flat. With not just any couples either. Couples who love and appreciate us. Couples […]