Every bride, groom, and couple has a vision for what their wedding day will look like, but binging that vision to life can often be overwhelming and honestly down right confusing.  However, when a couple decides to put the vision for the day that they marry their best friend into the hands of their amazing […]

Geometry Honors. AP Literature. AP Microeconomics. And honestly? So many other classes. We sat there chatting about school, homework, and as most high school girls do… boys. They always tell you, but you never really know just how fast high school is going to go by. And then? One day it’s done. But you know […]

Have you ever met someone for the first time and just felt like you have known them for a lifetime? Kylie and Nick are those type of people. As soon they greeted us, they were all met with hugs and the happiest of greetings- including Kylie’s (super adorable) parents! Even though Kylie is a Cooney […]

From the moment that you pull up to Gasparilla Inn and Club on the island of Boca Grande, it’s like you arrived right into the heart of paradise.  From the beautiful long white columns to the lush floral landscaping, each and every corner of the inn was designed and created with elegance in mind. And […]

When you hear certain professions, there is a sort of impressive eliteness to them that is associated with incredible traits. Dedication, perseverance, intelligence, compassion, and drive. Professions like, let’s say, being a doctor. So when we first heard that Stephanie was en route to becoming a doctor while also planning her wedding at Oxford Exchange… we […]

The moment we pulled into Streamsong Resort we knew just how great of a day it was going to be. The resort was quiet, soothing, and relaxing. No matter where you walked, looked, or who you talked to, you feel calm and welcomed. And as we walked into Megan and Brandon’s getting ready room, the […]