As she came in the room she wasn’t quite sure what she was in for. She stood facing the doorway, at the foot of the bed, next to the French doors that opened to the deck of the Herlong Mansion. Rhonda, Stephanie’s mother, who stood next to the doorway said, “Mamaw, turn and face the […]

The Rehearsal Dinner It is the beginning of your wedding weekend and truly the first experience that your guests experience. It is a time to celebrate, build excitement, and hug your friends and family who you love and adore. And ironically? It is also a source of major regret for many couples because looking back, […]

Her hand reached out to grab his awaiting, open hand. He gently pulled her in as their song began to play. She rested her head on his shoulder, eyes beginning to water. He pressed his cheek against her temple and closed his eyes to cherish the moment. Paige then lifted her head, wiping tears from […]

Our blog for brides is back this week! And what better way to connect with the brides than with three tips about how to make your wedding day more personal. From details to reception decor, we talk about different ways to incorporate your relationship and personality into the finer things. Not only do we have […]

The sand settled beneath their feet. The pelicans soared overhead. The waves crashed and glided across the tops of their feet. His hand gently brushed her hair behind her ear, then held it there pulling in her in for a kiss. All while the sun set below the horizon at Fort Desota Park in St. […]

Steps to Creating & Targeting Your Ideal Client! If there was one thing that we do and do it well, this is it! From our Cooney Classrooms to our one-on-one mentoring sessions, this is what we pride ourselves on. We have heard it numerous times from numerous sources about identifying and targeting your ideal client, […]

He stood at the arch, hands folded in front of his body, making eye contact with all of his groomsmen as they walked by to stand by his side. His best man, Gabby, was the last of the groomsmen to give Ruben a smile. He nodded, showing his love towards his cousin. Ruben’s eyes moved […]

A trusting wife challenge! This is what we feel the title should actually be called. But when you read the actual title of this challenge, two thoughts run through your head: He is probably going to make her look like a clown! Quickly followed by: How does Shauna trust Jordon to do that?! To answer […]

Finding the right one can be accompanied by pressure, stress, excitement, and joy all at the same time. Making sure that every time you are in the presence, you know deep down in your stomach you made the right choice. For Daniel, this wasn’t about him finding Molly. This was about him finding the perfect […]