Sydonie Mansion Wedding | Kelly and Matlock | Mount Dora, FL


Sydonie Mansion Wedding

When it comes to a wedding day, everyone has their visions of what it will look and feel like. Beautiful temperatures, clear skies, smiling faces, and surrounded by all the ones you love most. Rarely do all these fall perfectly in line with those visions. This Sydonie Mansion wedding, was close to what Kelly and Matlock had envisioned, but had to improvise.

As it wouldn’t be Florida if it didn’t rain.

Although rain was in the forecast, and did not come by surprise, it changed some plans. The day was overcast, and the sun was out, even though it never fully shined through the clouds. Which turned out was the biggest blessing Kelly and Matlock could have asked for.

Because they fell in love with the Sydonie Mansion and its environment.

With the sun out and the clouds hovering, Kelly and Matlock were able to take in everything the mansion had to offer. From it’s beautiful gardens, walkways, patio, and views of the lake during the ceremony.

Which is in strong debate for the best part of the day.

The string lights reflected on the steps and brick walkway that lead from the house to the end of the aisle where Matlock stood, waiting. Kelly’s father stood waiting at the bottom of the stairs inside the house, looking up waiting for his daughter. She then, so elegantly walked down those stairs where her father stood, arm out, to escort his daughter to her future husband.

This Sydonie Mansion wedding was soon greeted with rain.

But, it was at the perfect time.

As soon as Kelly and Matlock shared their first kiss as husband and wife, they turned to rejoice with the family and friends in attendance. And then, the most peaceful, light rain began to fall to symbolize the good luck rain has on a wedding day.

As a knot is stronger when it’s wet.

Kelly and Matlock had ‘tied the knot’, and then let the rain make this marriage knot on their wedding day even stronger to symbolize what a strong relationship these two have.

The Amazing Vendor Team:

Planner | Jeane Cognac Designs

Venue | Sydonie Mansion

Photography | Shauna and Jordon

Bridal Gown | Anomalie

Bridesmaids | Azazie

Bridal Shoes | Bella Belle

Bridal Robe | Flora Nikrooz

Groom’s Attire | Mens Wearhouse

Florals | Jeane Cognac Designs

Ring Box | The Mrs Box

Hair and Makeup | Femme Akoi

Invitations | Shine Weddings

Calligraphy | Our Scripted Life

Cake | Michael Anthony Cakes

Music | Blue Blazers

Catering | Premier Events Orlando

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