Downtown Chicago City Hall Elopement | Chicago, IL


Chicago City Hall Elopement

They held each other’s hands, exchanged rings, and looked into one another’s eyes. And during their Chicago City Hall elopement, no words were between the two, except for the vows that the judge had them repeat. Although those were the only physical words spoken between the two, their eye contact says otherwise.

And only they know what each other said.

It did not matter that their wedding got postponed. It did not matter that friends and family were not physical there to witness. And it didn’t matter that their first kiss as husband and wife was in the basement of Chicago City Hall.

All that mattered was the one standing by their side.

Even though they did not exactly know what to expect for their elopement at City Hall, they loved every single moment. From not knowing exactly when to put the rings on, to not knowing if they would be given time for personal vows. It all did not matter. They were still able to legally get married on the day that they had envisioned.

They were still able to start their next chapter.

Just like a lot of couples, the events going on in the world are putting patience to the test. Klara and Jacob passed with flying colors as they were able to take this test head-on, and enjoy every single moment of it. From the signing of the papers, then taking photos all along downtown Chicago, to spending the evening and weekend with family and friends that were able to come and celebrate.


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