5th Avenue Engagement Session | Naples, Florida

As we left 5th Ave. in Downtown Naples and drove around the Naples Pier looking for parking, Samantha hopped out of the car to ask if a spot was coming available. Y’all- she hadn’t even put her shoes on yet! But that in itself shows Samantha’s heart and dedication. She could have made excuses to not get out of the car. She could have cried because parking was hard to find (and light was fading), she could have snapped at CJ as he drove the car even though he wasn’t at fault (as some women do at times). But no. She spoke to CJ with kindness in her heart, no matter how stressful the situation was, and she took initiative into her own hands, jumped out of the car, and problem solved. Samantha is a #shaunalynnebride to the core.

Cooney Couples are rare.

They are a mix of powerful, yet kind. Intelligent, yet humorous. Go-getting, yet present. They are a power couple who admires and respects one another- all while pushing one another to be their best versions of themselves.   They love a good charcuterie board with a delicious craft beer. They are beautiful- inside and out.

They are one of a kind.

And Samantha and CJ are no exception to that rule. Chicago lawyers paving their ways in their industries. Side by side. Patiently cheering each other on. And we really emphasize the word patently here… because a #shaunalynnebride is a strong, independent, driven woman… and it takes a really incredible man to appreciate her for who she is without trying to change her. Because he knows that her heart is too pure and kind to ever change anything about it. CJ?

He is exactly that.

Because in addition to being smart, kind, and super funny… Samantha knows what she wants, and she goes after it. She doesn’t make excuses. She doesn’t let other people determine her future or her happiness- she makes her own. It takes a very special and secure man to handle that kind of independence.

A #jordonleegroom.

The kind of man that looks at his fiancé with pure love and admiration. Who sees his fiancé hopping out of the car and thinks “Man… she’s just the best” instead of trying to control her fiery heart and passion. The kind of man that adds just a hint of gasoline to her fiery passion instead of trying to stifle it. The kind of man who quotes the silliest (and crudest) movie quotes at the same time as Jordon says them. (Y’all as if one Jordon isn’t enough… bring CJ around and we have got two jokesters on our hands!) The kind of man who is also driven and laser focused on what he wants-

Including his love for his best friend.

Samantha and CJ, thank you so much for not only being a Cooney Couple, but mostly, for being who you are. For loving and supporting one another. For pushing each other to be your best selves. In a world where conformity is the norm, you two step outside of the status quo and encourage one another to be more of who you are, all with patience, love, and respect. We always say how wonderful our couples are, and you two are absolutely no exception to that statement. Jordon and I see so much of ourselves in the two of you and are so incredibly thankful to know you two. We are just so excited for your wedding day to be here and to watch your legacy of love continue, because it is, without a doubt, going to be one of the best love stories that we have seen yet.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

Ps- If you’re reading this and attending their wedding (which is going to be just incredibly stunning) we ask in advance that you don’t just us if we’re both in the church sobbing as these two marry their best friend. We kind of love them a lot- so it is bound to happen.



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