Wedding Tip Wednesday | 5 Reasons We Love Long Veils


Reasons We Love Long Veils

When planning your wedding day, there are an overabundance of details to consider. Pastel pink or dusty blue? Loose bouquet or tight and structured? Indoor or outdoor ceremony? We think that the time leading up to your wedding should be fun and a moment to reconnect with the love of your life, making memories with your best friend.. not googling for hours on end. Instead of googling, look no further today for our reasons we love long veils.

From your bouquet to your shoes, every last detail chosen on your wedding day requires decision after decision. Planning a wedding is hard y’all- am I right?! So today, we want to share one of our favorite details of the day, and why we love it so much.

Cathedral Length Veils.

Now, it’s no surprise that we adore joyful, luxury, romantic photographs that will last the test of time. But what might not be so obvious, is that having certain details can really emphasize the emotions captured within our photographs.

For example- your veil.

Some of our top trending, and personal favorite photos are our veil photos. Brides just love how romantic and soft the images are, but the truth is- in order to get photographs like these, we need the right tools to get them done.

Cue in: a veil that is (at least) floor length. So, without further adieu, here are the top 5 reasons we swoon when our brides wear long veils.

1. They Look Amazing on Everyone!

Having a veil on your wedding day gives us, as your photographers, options. Wearing a sleeveless dress? Don’t even stress it. Wearing a long veil will give us opportunities to flatter your body in ways that you would never imagine! From complimenting your dress, to your arms, to your facial structure, we have a bag full of tricks for using long veils to make you look and feel your best on the day that you marry your best friend.

2. They Bring the Drama

From your first look to walking down the aisle, long veils just bring all the drama. We’re pretty much convinced that nothing screams “Bride” more than a gorgeous white gown and a long veil. There is something so romantic about watching our brides’ flowing veils trail being them as they walk down the aisle to marry the love of their life.

3. The Veil Swoop

If our brides could give you one reason alone for long veils, this one might be it. A #cooneycouple staple has become our veil swoop kiss, and long veils allow us to give them just that.

4. The Veil Dip

If our brides could give you a second reason for choosing a long veil, we are convinced this one would be their second reason. In fact, Shauna wore a dramatic cathedral length veil on our wedding day, and our dip photos with her veil might just be one of our all time favorites. Expert tip: The longer the veil the more dramatic and romantic the final results are, so don’t be afraid to go big (or long) on your wedding day.

5. They are Timeless

We pride ourselves on providing images that will stand the test of time alongside our couples legacy of love. When we are all older and wiser, and when all of the trends have faded, our goal is to have provided our couples with images that have never gone out of style. As we look back at some of the most incredible weddings- from royal weddings to our own grandparents’ wedding albums, we see trends that have come and gone, but most importantly, we see what has stood the test of time. Lace. Bouquets. And.. yes, you guessed it. Cathedral length veils.

Hopefully these five reasons are enough for you to decide what to do on your wedding day. Because these reasons we love long veils are coming from a photography duo, as well as the reasons we decided to have a long veil on our own wedding day.

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Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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