Becoming the Cooneys | Part 2. Fun Run


It’s no surprise that we’re suckers for a good love story. Any of our #cooneycouples can tell that when we meet, we cannot wait to hear their story from how they met, to the proposal, all the way through to their wedding planning process. On the wedding day? Shauna almost always cries during the ceremony… because we truly believe in the power of the legacy that each love makes- no matter how imperfect it might sometimes seem… so hearing their stories sets our hearts on fire. But so often we get asked… “So what’s your love story?” So we are opening up and sharing our story with you all. Beginning to end. The Office style.

Part 1. The Alliance

Part 2. Fun Run

Part 3. Casino Night

Part 4. Threat Level Midnight 

Part 5. Our Proposal



Fun Run

It was summer. She walked the abandoned hallways, peering into classrooms that typically adorn the laughter of children. Skills being taught. Friendships being made. Life lessons being learned. She was in a new position. With a new principal, and big ambitions to make a positive impact in a school that she loved so much. The school that began her teaching journey in Tampa. The school that launched her career.

She was eager for the year to begin. To focus on her career. Shauna always had a way of wanting to make the lives of others’ better. She was ready to stay focused and make a difference. The teachers were still enjoying their summer breaks, as they deserved to. The school was, for the most part, barren… so when that school doorbell rang, everyone in the office would jump with excitement… Who could it be?!

A tall, very tan, fit man walked in (in a cutoff t-shirt, workout shorts, and a baseball cap). His summer scruff made him almost unrecognizable to Shauna, but as he got closer, she realized she knew this person…

It was Jordon.

Wanting to be a supportive Assistant Principal, Shauna offered Coach Cooney any extra help that he might need over the summer- he always took on additional roles that he didn’t need to- and she wanted to make a good first impression on the staff of the school that she once taught in. Not before long, Jordon was in and out of the office, and back on to enjoying his summer break.

As the year progressed, Shauna and Jordon inevitably crossed paths.

With Jordon being a coach for almost every sport at the school, it was Shauna’s responsibility to cover his afternoon post calling student names for dismissal.

Let me ask you something- Have you ever tried walking someone else’s dog? And you don’t know how they walk their dog. Or where they walk their dog? So the dog wants to walk, but you just aren’t doing it the way their owner does it… so the dog inevitably gets mad at you? And you’re like… woah man… I’m just trying to take you for a walk. Don’t get mad at me that your owner does it differently. That was what it was like for Shauna to cover Jordon’s post.

Since Shauna didn’t know Jordon well, it was quite frustrating for her when parents would get mad at her for not knowing their names (this is a whole story Shauna could get into deep detail over… so we will spare you the details about how Jordon basically didn’t follow the policy in carline which reeked havoc in Shauna’s life .) So needless to say, when the school decided to get a new dismissal system, Shauna demanded that if she was going to cover Coach Cooney’s spot in carline, they needed to train at that post together so there was continuity.. You know… so they both knew how to walk the dog the same way.

Not before long, at that hot afternoon post, Shauna stopped resenting Coach Cooney for “walking the dog”differently, and a friendship began to grow. Shauna realized that Coach Cooney was kind… and funny. And he realized that Shauna was a lot more laid back than he had expected.

Fast-forward six months

Shauna was hating administration. They always say it is thankless at the top. Whoever “they” are… they’re right. (If you’re a parent… be sure to thank your administration. They work so hard with, so often, very little thanks). An opportunity opened up for Shauna to transfer to another school to do what she did best, teach math, so she took it.

Jordon also took his opportunity.

Live music, burgers, craft beer,  laughter, and a night that seemed to never end. Shauna and Jordon talked for hours. Family, life goals, and wanting to marry their best friend. In that single night… Jordon and Shauna both knew. Their lives had already changed forever.

All our love,

Shauna and Jordon

To answer the mystery- Part. 1 was titled “The Alliance”. Many of you quickly caught on to it being a reference from The Office… but why? Well, we are spilling the details. In “The Alliance”, Pam and Jim just begin to catch each others’ eye. They hadn’t quite yet established the ongoing friendship that we all have grown to love throughout The Office, but it was the beginning of the foundation of their future relationship. In Part 1. of Becoming the Cooney’s, Jordon catches Shauna’s eye. Though Shauna doesn’t actively pursue Jordon, small, but foundational, moments developed through their interactions- much like the small prank that began Pam and Jim’s friendship in The Alliance.

Psst! Anyone reading this figure out why this blog is titles “Fun Run”? If so, share why below in the comments! ☕


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