Cheese Tasting Challenge | YouTube Challenges

We love cheese! There is no denying that! And then you pair that with wine and a challenge?! Its a no brainer for us, we had to do it. In this simple challenge, we go up against one another to see who knows their cheeses the best. And to be honest? The end results might […]

Social media acronyms: What they mean versus what we think they mean… Testing your own knowledge always seems like a good idea, right? Wrong. Especially when it comes to something that has the potential to show your age! That’s just what this challenge does for us. It shows our age in a good way with […]

Internet Slang YouTube Challenge

We did a challenge. And y’all was it opinionated. And those opinions? Well, they are our own. And even scarier? They are about one another. As you have probably asked yourself, “I wonder who is most likely to finish a bag of chips, Shauna or Jordon?” (No? You haven’t asked yourself that?) Well, even so, […]

A trusting wife challenge! This is what we feel the title should actually be called. But when you read the actual title of this challenge, two thoughts run through your head: He is probably going to make her look like a clown! Quickly followed by: How does Shauna trust Jordon to do that?! To answer […]

Attempted lip reading at its finest! Whether you call it the Whisper Challenge, or the Lip Reading Challenge, we are sure that you have seen it somewhere. Whether that be on YouTube, Facebook, or done famously on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. We thought to ourselves, “How hard can it be?” That question is obviously answered […]

From 30 to 39. Last year, when we posted our 2018 Best of Engagements blog, we mentioned that somehow, over the year, in addition to all of our weddings, we managed to photograph 30 engagement sessions. And y’all… last year’s schedule had us busy!  So when we took a look at this years numbers, only to realize […]

It had been a long morning, and we just finished touring Notre Dame, but the day was so beautiful, we couldn’t think of any better way to spend it than outside on a walk. So our 3 mile trek to the Eiffel Tower began. We walked through the park, admiring the beauty of the Eiffel […]

Hey everyone! Jordon here taking over for, as who better to take hold of the Behind The Scenes blog than the person who really sees it all… There are soo many words and images we can use to describe our wonderful job and everything that happened for us and our couples in 2018. As you […]

Last November, Jordon and I were so fortunate enough to be able to collaborate with som amazing vendors for a styled session… and with it rolling up the one year anniversary of the session (and after celebrating this couples real life wedding!) we just felt too nostalgic to not finally share it with you all on […]