Becoming the Cooneys | Part 4. Treat Level Midnight


It’s no surprise that we’re suckers for a good love story. Any of our #cooneycouples can tell that when we meet, we cannot wait to hear their story from how they met, to the proposal, all the way through to their wedding planning process. On the wedding day? Shauna almost always cries during the ceremony… because we truly believe in the power of the legacy that each love makes- no matter how imperfect it might sometimes seem… so hearing their stories sets our hearts on fire. But so often we get asked… “So what’s your love story?” So we are opening up and sharing our story with you all. Beginning to end. The Office style.

Part 1. The Alliance

Part 2. Fun Run

Part 3. Casino Night

Part 4. Threat Level Midnight 

Part 5. Our Proposal


The in-between moments. The ones that seem otherwise insignificant, yet at the end of it all, they are the ones that are the most meaningful. Watching TV shows, eating pizza, trying each other’s craft beers…  late nights staying up laughing (usually at snapchat videos)… all the little moments. From trips to Wyoming to meet Jordon’s family, and local bar-be-ques to meet Shauna’s. Every moment combined together. The moments that make a relationship what it is.

The moments that create an unbreakable bond.

To everyone who knew them, they just saw how Shauna and Jordon clicked. The way that he could make her laugh without even trying. The way that she looked at him. Like she was falling in love with him over and over again (real story- strangers on several different occasions would go up to Jordon and comment to him about the way that Shauna looked at him. She still does it to this day).

It was like it was always meant to be.

From all that time, so long ago, when they stood in that room during preplanning.. when Jordon announced that his name was Jordon Cooney, like George Clooney, but different. Day in and day out, despite any trials and tribulations, they just knew.

They just knew.

They knew that they wanted to marry their best friend. They knew that no matter what life threw at them, that they wanted to go through it together. They knew that the kind of love that they have was rare. It was special. And that it deserved to be preserved.

So Shauna waited.

And if you’ve ever been a girl in love, waiting can feel like forever. You see.. Jordon insisted Shauna go ring shopping with him to give him an idea of what she liked. In February. Lets make sure that month is engrained in your brain. They went ring shopping. In February. And then it was March.


So Shauna waited.

And then it was April. And then it was May.

So Shauna waited some more.

She knew that had a wedding (to attend as guests!) in June. Along with a trip to Deadwood, South Dakota. And since Jordon always said he wanted to propose around family.. Shauna thought that perhaps this was what he was waiting for. So they had their trip. They went to the wedding (it was beautiful), and they went to South Dakota. They saw Jordons family. And then.. the got on a plane. And they headed home.


So Shauna waited some more.

And then it was July…


Lets take a quick second here to note to any future #jordonleegrooms. It is not kind to take your girlfriend ring shopping in February and go sixth months without a proposal. Can we all have a moment of silence here for Shauna’s poor heart? Why? Well…

Imagine this- you go ring shopping in February. So you know it is happening, right? So every hockey game (especially the one where Jordon paid extra for bottom level seats), every football game, every family trip, every romantic dinner. Every single thing for six months had Shauna on edge. Wondering if maybe this was it!


Needless to say, in the months of February through July… it was not “it”… but then… it was August.

To be Continued.

Hugs and Lots of Love,

Shauna and Jordon


Ps- Did you read the previous post, Part 3. Casino Night? Well, we are ready to spilling why we titled it “Casino Night”. As many of you are catching on to, as the major Office Junkies that we are, Casino Night is a nod to The Office episode where Jim first says I love you. As our tribute to out favorite (boarder line obsessive) love to The Office, we thought there was no better title for our story of I love you than the one where Jim confessed his love to Pam.

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