And ways to find vendors for your wedding! Weddings can be thought of as a puzzle. Each vendor is a piece of that puzzle. They all need to fit and come together to make your wedding day the beautiful picture you saw on the cover of the box. The wedding industry is so big in […]

Tips to Make Working from Home More Effective You are making your photography business your full-time job! You have worked hard in your 9-5 job, all while doing photography on the side to get to this point right here! Now you get to do the work you have always wanted to do and have the […]

Tips to help plan your wedding! Weddings are expensive. Everyone seems to know when going into planning, but do they really understand it? No matter if you are paying for your own wedding, or your families are following the traditional route, the chances are no, they are not fully aware. We wish we had known these […]

Attempted lip reading at its finest! Whether you call it the Whisper Challenge, or the Lip Reading Challenge, we are sure that you have seen it somewhere. Whether that be on YouTube, Facebook, or done famously on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. We thought to ourselves, “How hard can it be?” That question is obviously answered […]

We will never forget our first trip to Paris. You see… we have to be honest here. Since Shauna can remember, she has been a bit of a Francophile. From the Madeline series as a child to four years of French in High School, Shauna always dreamt of one day visiting Paris. (So much so, […]

Whether we are visiting Paris, the Amalfi Coast, Capri, or even Chicago, when we travel, we always follow two key principals. 1. We know we want to see some of the must sees, but also, 2. That we want to enjoy the city. So instead of running all over to see every single must see, we decide […]

The sea breeze gently swirled through the trees on Boca Grande. We were convinced that this had to have been the most perfect weather that any wedding at The Gasparilla Inn had ever seen. As the waves crashed onto the beach, their friends and family began to gather around. Waiting for what was to come […]

When every one of our Cooney Couples officially books with us, they receive our Engagement Session Experience Guide, which has all of our favorite tips and tricks on how to style and dress their engagement session, but, we know the truth is that unfortunately, not every couple can be a Cooney Couple (which admittedly totally breaks […]

Have you ever dreamt of your wedding day wanting neutral colors that fill your classic and timeless definition? This black tie inspired session is just that. Angelina and her team from The Apostolic Wife pulled it all together for our January Cooney Classroom by bringing this soft, romantic vision of ours come to life. The Orlo and […]