Photography at the Rehearsal Dinner

3 Reasons to Have Your Photographer at Your Rehearsal Dinner


Having Photography at the Rehearsal Dinner

It is the beginning of your wedding weekend and truly the first experience that your guests experience is the rehearsal dinner. It is a time to celebrate, build excitement, and hug your friends and family who you love and adore. And ironically? It is also a source of major regret for many couples because looking back, they always wish they had realized what an amazing benefit it would be to have photography there for their welcome dinner.

So should you hire your photography for the rehearsal dinner?

Well, being a bride and groom who were also wedding photographers, being in the industry gave us a lot of advantages when it came to wedding planning. We knew what we liked, what we didn’t like, and what vendors we loved. From the moment that Shauna said “Yes”, it was like our wedding came together so seamlessly. But, now that we have been in the industry longer, there are a few things that we have learned and wished that we could tell our younger wedding planning selves. Things that we simply didn’t know, because we didn’t know. Because… honestly?

Yes. You absolutely should consider hiring your photographer to photograph your rehearsal dinner.

We are sharing three reasons why it is such an amazing (and wise) decision to have coverage the night before you say “I do”. Which is exactly what Clare and Robert did for their wedding at this amazing venue.

Three Reasons You Should Have Photography at the Rehearsal Dinner:

1. To Capture All of Those Details

Your welcome dinner is one of the first impressions that your guests will have in regards to your wedding day, and let’s be honest. All of those beautiful details play into the overall experience. We know first hand that our couples genuinely care about providing a unique luxury experience throughout their wedding weekend, and having your photographer there to capture all of those beautiful details is such an amazing way to commemorate those moments the night before you marry your best friend. From the table decor to the venue, we so regret not investing in having our photographer at our rehearsal dinner so that we could look back at all of the beauty and happiness from the night.

2. Extra Family Photos (And Time to Meet your VIPs!)

As photographers, loving and serving our couples, their friends, and their families means everything to us. We believe that your wedding day is an experience that should be enjoyed, so creating a luxury experience for each of the key people in our couples’ lives is critical for us, and when we photograph rehearsal dinner, we actually are able to meet our couples’s families and closest friends right away, which means that on the wedding day, we can give mom a big ole hug right from the get-go because we already have formed a bond and relationship with those wedding day VIP’s.

3. For All of Those Memories

The night before your wedding, there is honestly so much excitement. (If you think you’ve been on cloud 9 before, we think the rehearsal dinner must be cloud 11!) and having photos of those memories is honestly just so incredible to be able to look back on. When we got married, we honestly only remembered to take maybe two photos together, and even less with the people at our welcome dinner, and let’s be honest… they were on an iPhone and not the quality we wished they were. Looking back, we so wish we would have had a professional there to get posed, well light, stunning photos from the night, and by hiring your photographer to photograph your rehearsal dinner, you are guaranteeing that you will have just that.



We hope that this tip can be helpful to you as you plan your dream wedding! We always offer welcome dinner coverage (pending our availability) as an add on for our couples, so if you have any questions about rehearsal dinner coverage, be sure to reach out to your photographer to see if this is something that they offer as well!

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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