3 Tips to Plan Your Next Trip


Tips to Planning Your Next Trip

There are always things to prepare for, and tips to look for when planning your next trip. Whether we are visiting Paris, the Amalfi Coast, Capri, or even Chicago, when we travel, we always follow two key principals:

1. We know we want to see some of the must sees.

But also,

2. That we want to enjoy the city.

So instead of running all over to see every single must see, we decide to go a different route.

Instead, we decide to choose a few must haves, and also to have some time to explore. Time to really get to know the city. To find our own favorites. To find random holes in the walls. And honestly? For us, it is always the best decision ever.

So, here are our three Tips to Planning Your Next Trip:

1. Don’t go to sleep

Ok we don’t mean never, but we do mean when you get off of the plane. First thing to do? Grab some espresso when you get off of the plane, and get ready to stay awake. Listen to fun music, and get excited to see the city. We did not do this our first day (because our accommodations got switched and we got stuck with our luggage for over an hour, and by the time we got to our room, we were just emotionally exhausted), but if you can avoid that nap, do it. Plan for an early night and then you will be all ready for that new time zone.

2. Choose just a few must see’s

This will be hard, but if you can narrow it down, you will be able to soak it all in and actually remember everything you saw. We will share a few of our must-do’s below, but do your research. Find one or two things for each day, and then let yourself explore!

3. Take your time to soak the city in

Which brings us to the last tip. Let yourself have time to just wander (within safe boundaries lol!). Try new restaurants. Find new places that you love. And honestly? Just walk around the city! Every city has a different pulse, and we just love getting to experience each culture for what it is.

Next week we will be sharing some of our favorite must see’s and must do’s in Paris, so be sure to tune back in then!

We hope that helps for any of you planning your future trips! If you enjoyed this guide be sure to leave a comment below and feel free to tag us in your adventures and planning on Instagram (@shaunaandjordonphotography).

Until next time- au revoir!


Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon


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