The Maggie Breckenridge Wedding

The Maggie Breckenridge Wedding | Madison and Parker | Breckenridge, CO


The Maggie Breckenridge Wedding

Walking in her heels through the venue space for their The Maggie Breckenridge wedding, Madison made her way up the mountain. A cool breeze rustled in her veil. As she saw Parker, she took in a deep breath and exhaled it. You could see the excitement beaming from her eyes. Slowly, she made her way over to the love of her life.

Ready to have his arms wrapped around her.

And as Parker turned around to see his beautiful bride on top of that mountain, there was no better sight than to see Parker’s face as he saw his favorite person on Earth in his favorite place on Earth.

Breckenridge, Colorado.

And from there first look on, Parker never stopped looking at Madison with that same look of love and admiration. From their couples portraits to their vows (that had Shauna in complete tears), every second of their day was filled with those glances by Parker.

But we can’t blame him.

For two people who fell in love as kids in 8th grade, there is such an amazing love and friendship that has stayed with Madison and Parker- despite all of the years of growth, filled with all of life’s changes, one thing never changed.

The way that Madison and Parker were meant to be together.

Because if their love can overcome growing through braces and college classes, well… we know without a doubt that their love can overcome absolutely anything.

Madison and Parker, from the moment that we have our virtual coffee date to the night that we hugged your necks at your 10 Mile engagement session. We have just always known that you two are truly something special. A couple who has built their love around a friendship.

One who can laugh together- through the good times and the bad. A couple who loved their friends and family fiercely. Who puts others first. A couple who was meant to be a Cooney Couple. We are so incredibly honored that you to, a couple from Texas, chose us- photographers from Florida, to be the ones to photograph and document your love at your The Maggie Breckenridge wedding. We just absolutely cannot wait to see where life takes you and the legacy that you two create- together. It is going to be one for the books. đź’•

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon


The Amazing Vendor Team:

Planner | Petal and Bean

Venue | The Maggie |  Breckenridge, Colorado

Photography | Shauna and Jordon Photography

Gown | Ruthettes

Florist | Petal and Bean

Cake | Butterhorn Bakery and Cafe

DJ | Hampton Entertainment

Hair and Makeup | Majestic Mountain Beauty Wedding Hair and Makeup

Videography | Drake and Co Photo and Films

Invitations | Minted Weddings

Men’s | Mens Wearhouse

Rings | Thacker Jewelry

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