LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort

What better way to marry your best friend than on the beach overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. That is just what LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort provides for you and your guests as you enjoy the views and amenities provided by this luxurious resort. 

LaPlayla Beach Resort provides multiple options for you to host your dream wedding. Your ceremony can be hosted right on the beach, or your guests  can enjoy views of the beach and water from the Gulf Lawn. Guests can enjoy their cocktails from the lawn, or from the Ballroom Terrace. Both the Bayview and Vanderbilt Ballrooms have French Doors that open to their own terrace, so guests will enjoy the views long into the night.
So, whether you are looking for an intimate destination wedding, or a luxurious ballroom right on the beach, LaPlaya Beach Resort provides everything you need to make dreams come true all within walking distance of your room. 

LaPlaya Beach Resort

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