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We are a husband and wife photography duo based in Florida who delight in loving and serving our Cooney Couples as they begin their legacy of love.


Photography is a huge part of your day—both during and after—as you’ll enjoy those memories for decades to come. To achieve those photos you’ll revisit, you have to be comfortable being in front of the camera. We are photographers and we still get nervous when someone takes our pictures, so we get it!

Being photographed is intimidating, and we know that our most favorite pictures of us are the ones where we were ourselves and had fun doing it.

That is what the Shauna and Jordon experience is all about. It is about experiencing your wedding day and having a blast doing it—all while not having to worry about photos, because our couples know that they can trust us to take photos where they look and feel amazing. So that you can focus on just enjoying yourselves!

Since it is our goal to love and serve our couples, we photograph a limited number of weddings each year. Offerings begin at 5500.


destination & domestic


The Complete Wedding Weekend

Dress Shopping

The Rehearsal Dinner

Heirloom Albums

Day After Wedding Brunch

The Wedding Day


The Offerings

 "Once you become a part of the Cooney Couple family, that is how you will always be treated- like family. It’s a true testament to their mission of loving and serving their clients."


The Experience:

It is about you and the commitment and legacy that you two are creating, together. We believe in creating an experience that impacts our couples' marriages. Because your marriage lasts long beyond the wedding day. 


Every couple is unique, and so is their wedding day. Our couples aren't cookie cutter, and neither are their stories- all while making sure that you two are enjoying yourselves and making incredible memories along the way. Because shouldn't the day that you marry your best friend be fun?

we tell
your story.

From your engagement session to long beyond your wedding day, investing in our couples and and their marriages truly means everything to us. So long after your wedding day is done, through our online community and Cooney Couple date nights, we are by your side, cheering on your love story. 

we genuinely care.



Each couple has narrative that deserves to be told. To be captured and documented in heirloom albums for decades to come. If you connect with our style, click below to like to inquire for your date and availability.

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