As a starting photographer (and sometimes even as a veteran!) it can be so difficult to find incredible products and resources. The kind of companies that provide the most amazing customer service while going above and beyond in their product or service.

And when we think back to when we were first starting out, we remember how difficult those decisions were, and even worse- we remember when we chose wrong and it ended up costing us hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of dollars in wasted investments just to switch over later on.

So below is the gear we love. Our favorite products. The products that stand by quality. That help us love and serve our clients. The ones that we are personally proud to stand by and refer to others.

The Gear List

Camera Gear

85 mm 1.4 IS

100 mm 2.8 IS MACRO L Series

24-70 mm 2.8
L Series

70-200 mm 2.8 II IS L Series

64 GB CF Cards

64 GB SD Cards

Flash Gear

Weather Proof Card Holder

Reliable Card Reader

Wescott Reflectors

The ExpoDisc

Other Favorites

Shauna's Favorite Laptop Bag

Jordon's Favorite Side-Bag for Sessions

Our Favorite Stool

LaCie Hard Drive

64 GB SD Cards

Flash Transmitters

Rechargeable AA's for Flash

Canon Speedlights


Flash Mount 

Flash Umbrellas

AAA/AA Battery Charger

Sand Bags for Flash Stands

iPad Stand

Car Power Adapter

Pop-Up Changing Tent 


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