Even though I technically specialize in wedding and engagement photography, sometimes I am able to open my availability to maternity sessions when my schedule allows for it, and though rare, it just so happens that this was the case with Cheryl and Doug. When I first met Cheryl and Doug a few months ago over a […]

Sometimes life is a bit serendipitous. Back in January, I hosted a photo shoot giveaway- and it had a ton of entries, but I had a few smart beauties who capitalized on the opportunity and entered multiple times, Marisa is one of those girls. Over the next few weeks, Marisa and I chatted- gushing over my […]

Sometimes the behind the scenes never really make it out. By looking at these pictures, you would never know that we brought a full suitcase around with us for Lauren’s wardrobe changes, that she got changed in a Lululemon Changing room (thanks guys for letting us do that!), or that we had a day filled with […]