Someday, you two are going to be best friends. It’s a line that our mother told us, over and over again as we argued like cats and dogs. Here’s the thing… being two girls fairly close in age isn’t exactly for the weak of heart. From arguing over hair ties, to stealing barbies, to saying […]

Have you ever met someone for the first time and just felt like you have known them for a lifetime? Kylie and Nick are those type of people. As soon they greeted us, they were all met with hugs and the happiest of greetings- including Kylie’s (super adorable) parents! Even though Kylie is a Cooney […]

Downtown St. Petersburg, a golf course, a park, and Downtown Tampa. These are the locations that Joy and Nick have shared together for their photos with us as their photographers. The only place left for them to go? The beach. Who would have thought that the last place for this Florida couple to take their […]

It was a Thursday morning in early January. We sat around working- editing photos, prepping blog posts, and answering e-mails. Shauna sifted through the inbox, helping to answer Cooney Couple’s questions, creating timelines, answering wedding day inquiries. All the normal daily to-do’s of being a business owner. And then she got an e-mail from an […]

You go through life. You have your girlfriends, and then… one day you meet him. The man that you always dreamt of. He is charming, kind, successful, and funny. You date him. And then, time passes, and before you know it… in between the late night laughter and early morning coffees, you realize… You fell […]

One of the most surreal experiences in my life has been becoming an aunt. 18 months ago, the most adorable, brightest, happiest bundle of joy joined the earth. Since that day, hearing my nephew learn the word “Uh-Ty” has filled my heart with so much joy, that I cannot even explain it. Or the way […]

With how busy our booking schedule is, between weddings and engagement sessions- it’s not very often that Jordon and I get to do maternity sessions, but every now and then, and opportunity arises, and every time, we are so incredibly happy that we do. One of the things that we love most about being wedding […]

Jordon and I love weddings. We love watching two best friends commit to a life of love and laughter along with hardships and work. Witnessing and documenting the moment that a couple makes their vow to a lifetime of love together- the beginning of their legacy that they will build together is what fuels our passion […]

Even though I technically specialize in wedding and engagement photography, sometimes I am able to open my availability to maternity sessions when my schedule allows for it, and though rare, it just so happens that this was the case with Cheryl and Doug. When I first met Cheryl and Doug a few months ago over a […]