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Wedding Planning Tips from Married Couples

Wedding planning tips married couples wish they knew. Have you ever wondered what wedding planning tips married couples would give to themselves? Us too! Which is why we did just that. We reached out to our married couples to see what they have learned from their wedding planning days. From choosing their vendors, to simply […]

We love cheese! There is no denying that! And then you pair that with wine and a challenge?! Its a no brainer for us, we had to do it. In this simple challenge, we go up against one another to see who knows their cheeses the best. And to be honest? The end results might […]

Cheese Tasting Challenge | YouTube Challenges

It is honestly difficult to forget any couple. In fact, for us, it is near impossible. But when a couple’s engagement session includes a private boat tour of Capri, a trip along the Amalfi Coast, and the most beautiful traditional Indian engagement session, well… let’s just say that you know that session is going to […]

5 Tips for Planning Your Wedding Day Details

What are wedding details? And how should plan them? These are questions that should not go unnoticed, but sometimes they can be pushed to the last minute. Brides have a good understanding as to what their details are going to be on their wedding day, but can sometimes miss the little things. We are here […]

Social media acronyms: What they mean versus what we think they mean… Testing your own knowledge always seems like a good idea, right? Wrong. Especially when it comes to something that has the potential to show your age! That’s just what this challenge does for us. It shows our age in a good way with […]

Internet Slang YouTube Challenge

We did a challenge. And y’all was it opinionated. And those opinions? Well, they are our own. And even scarier? They are about one another. As you have probably asked yourself, “I wonder who is most likely to finish a bag of chips, Shauna or Jordon?” (No? You haven’t asked yourself that?) Well, even so, […]

Forced to move your wedding date? COID-19 has not made this an easy time for anyone. From big and small businesses in the wedding industry, to newly engaged couples and brides with their wedding’s scheduled in the next few months. Whether you are a newly engaged couple, or a couple with that is only weeks […]

The Rehearsal Dinner It is the beginning of your wedding weekend and truly the first experience that your guests experience. It is a time to celebrate, build excitement, and hug your friends and family who you love and adore. And ironically? It is also a source of major regret for many couples because looking back, […]

Our blog for brides is back this week! And what better way to connect with the brides than with three tips about how to make your wedding day more personal. From details to reception decor, we talk about different ways to incorporate your relationship and personality into the finer things. Not only do we have […]