We see a lot of questions floating around about gear. BecauseĀ there are so many options. So when it comes time to grab a new lens or camera body… so many struggle with which to get when. And though we know that we all have different journeys, and that what worked for us won’t work for […]

You guys! We are still OVER THE MOON after our past #cooneyclassroom! From the attendees to the styled sessions to the non-stop learning… it was perfect. And to be honest. There just aren’t enough words for us to share just how amazing it was or how amazing our #CooneyClassroomGrads are. And what words we try […]

Happy Thursday y’all! But.. we hope you’re ready, because we are gonna drop a little truth bomb here on ya. šŸ’£ When you post photos of yourself… how do they rank for engagement when compared to non-personal photos? (If you don’t know, run, don’t walk, to instagram and post a photo of yourself to see!) […]

Can one page of your website really make that much of a difference? Yes. Yes, it can. Here are three reasons why: 1. You are being way too generic on who you are targeting. You are screaming that you are open for business and willing to take on whoever, whenever. How to fix it: Be […]

Earlier this year… we had an idea. The idea to tell everything we know. The secrets that have helped us launch this amazing business from ground zero to full time in just 6 months flat. With notĀ just any couples either. With #cooneycouples. Couples who love and appreciate us. Couples who trust us to love and […]

  So often we get asked the same question over and over. The million dollar question. “How do you get your photos to look so bright and airy?!” And though there areĀ so many different reasons that we could give as an answer to that question- Aperture, lens choice, lighting decisions, post-processing decisions… there ultimately isĀ one […]