Wedding Planning Tips from Married Couples

For Couples, Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding planning tips married couples wish they knew.

Have you ever wondered what wedding planning tips married couples would give to themselves? Us too! Which is why we did just that.

We reached out to our married couples to see what they have learned from their wedding planning days. From choosing their vendors, to simply living in the moment. We received both tips and advice for couples that they wish they had done, as well as things they are glad they did.

We learned some things, too.

Hearing these tips from couples is something that we always enjoy learning about. Not only because we never stop growing, learning, and making wedding day experiences that much better, but because we understand that the day will NOT be perfect.

Having this mindset, is a good place to start.

Understanding this aspect is not something that a lot of people want to accept, but it’s reality. And that is just what our couples shared with their own experiences.

That, and hire a wedding planner!

Our most common tip we received from these couples was to hire a wedding planner/day-of coordinator, or they are glad they did hire one! This tip speaks for itself, as well goes with having the mindset of not having a perfect wedding. Because hiring a wedding planner allows your mind to free itself a little and then in turn lets you live in the moment of your wedding day.

Which is exactly what this day is all about, as you marry your best friend.

But do not forget about your other vendors that work together to make your day beautiful. Other common tips written by these couples including having their photographers stay longer! And this is something that we can also attest to from our own wedding day. There were moments during the reception that we wish could have been photographed to help us relive the day that much more.

We were not the only ones to say this!

As this is a day you will want to have as many photos as possible. It may not seem like a priority now, especially when looking at your budget, but it is something nearly every couple regrets when looking back. Why?

Because photos last forever.

They will be passed down to other generations to come, and truly last the test of time. We are always wanting to know what our parents and grandparents looked like at our age, and photos make that a reality.

Get out your wedding planning notebook, write down these tips, and see how you can incorporate them into your own day. Because these people have planned it, lived it, and thought back on it. And who better to learn and listen from, than the people who want to share their knowledge and wedding planning tips they have done, or wish they had done.


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We are here for you both and cannot wait for you two to share this day with one another. We look forward to being there!


Hugs and lots of love,

Shaun and Jordon

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