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How does one go about planning ahead for those bride and groom details? These are questions that should not go unnoticed, but sometimes they can be pushed to the last minute. Brides have a good understanding as to what their’s are going to be for their wedding, but can sometimes miss the little things.

We are here to help!

From your family heirlooms to florals, we discuss five tips to help you think about the planning ahead for those small things.

Don’t forget about the grooms details!

From the boutonniere to their customized cufflinks, their details should not go unnoticed. They compliment other details you have, and you may not even think of it, but we have!

What’s a good place to start?

Ask your family what heirlooms they have. This is always a great way to show your love to your family and keep traditions alive. And you know families love to pass things on, as they get to help contribute to you and your day.

And this is just one of our five planning tips!

The full list of the tips we discuss and go in-depth about are:

  1. Consider the color palette and vibe of your wedding

  2. See what your photographer will use for your photos

  3. Using your family heirlooms

  4. Creating your own family heirlooms

  5. Using florals to tell a cohesive story of your day

These tips may seem simple in this moment, but sometimes its the simple things that can get overlooked. We have been there and know how stressful planning your details can be, let alone your entire wedding day theme.

We even have a Wedding Day Checklist FREE for you to download right here! Sometimes its the simplest things that make the difference. And this checklist is just that.

So enjoy this video to help you stay one step ahead on your wedding day, and enjoy the finer things when it comes to looking at your photos in your beautiful wedding album!

With this video comes one of our freebies, our Wedding Detail Checklist! It’s the finer things like these that can help make your life easier. Don’t reinvent the wheel, and strain yourself! Pour a glass of wine and download the checklist as you plan your wedding day.

Click here to download our free Wedding Day Checklist!

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Hugs and lots of love,

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