3 Tips for Making Your Wedding Personal

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Making your wedding personal!

What better way to connect with brides than with three simple tips about making your wedding personal.

From details to reception decor,

we talk about different ways to incorporate your relationship and personality into the finer things. Not only do we have some pictures from previous weddings to prove these points, but we also dive into our own wedding.

With pictures to prove that, too!

We did have either seen these things first hand at our own wedding, or have been able to photograph them for our couples. These tips can help with your planning, which helps in personalizing your wedding.

1. Writing Your Own Vows

We wrote our own vows for our wedding day, and we are so glad we did. It not only allowed our guests to see more of our story, relationship, and love, but also allowed us to speak from the heart. Even though there some hiccups and tears along the way, it allowed us to be our true selves before one another and the people we love. This part of the day has quickly become a major highlight that we always look back on.

2. Show Your Relationship Throughout the Day

Details are great way to do just this. From your hashtags to your bride and groom details, the smaller things really make their appearance known here. These details will not only show your relationship, but can then become a family heirloom for your to pass on for generations. The reception is another area to incorporate the two of your. Colors, center pieces, and drinks are ways that we have seen couples utilize the opportunity to making their wedding day personal.

3. Do What You Want!

We took a shot during our ceremony! Crown Apple is drink that we shared on one of our first dates, and it has been a drink that we love enjoying together. From before the wedding, on the wedding day, to any day that we have this drink in the future it reminds us of our love and relationship. We wanted to do this, and we did it. No questions asked. We encourage you to do the same in regards to making your wedding personal and about the two of you.

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