5 Tips for Planning Your Engagement Session

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Tips for Planning Your Engagement Session

When every one of our Cooney Couples officially books with us, they receive our Engagement Session Experience Guide. This has all of our favorite tips and tricks on how to style, dress, and other tips for planning their engagement session.

But, we know the truth is that unfortunately, not every couple can be a Cooney Couple (which admittedly totally breaks our hearts!) So today, we wanted to share a few tips on how you can plan for your engagement session- even if you don’t get to have the Cooney Couple Experience. Because honestly? We believe everyone deserves to have beautifully styled engagement photos.


1. Always, Always, Always Dress Up

Yes. We said it. And we aren’t sorry about it. Your engagement and wedding photos are likely the largest photography investment that you will ever make in your life. We mean… when else in your life will you have an opportunity to wear a custom suit (or tuxedo) get dressed to the nines, put on a beautiful long dress, and have your photos taken? We believe that if not now, then when?

So when it comes to styling your session and choosing locations, don’t be afraid to use this moment as an opportunity to dress up, get your hair and makeup done professionally, and create a full experience with your engagement photos.

2. Coordinate, but don’t Match

When choosing your outfits, the goal is to always coordinate your outfits, but without actually matching.

You remember those family photos from the 2000’s filled with white tee’s and jeans on the beach? Let those days be in the past.

We love the idea of thinking of your outfits as if they are a color palate. They should all work together and compliment one another, but without being identical.

3. Always Say Yes to Florals

We actually don’t mean floral dresses (though those can be a favorite as well), but what we actually mean is to invest in a bouquet for your engagement session.

We aren’t sure if anyone told you that flowers are just for the wedding day, but if they did… they were wrong. There is something so romantic and elegant, timeless, and luxurious about bringing a fresh bouquet to your engagement session.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Style it Up

From a nice bottle of champagne to bringing your beloved fur baby along. We think that every engagement session is just way to incredible when our couples take the time to make it really special.

Expert tip- if you’re thinking about including a pet, we cannot recommend hiring a pet care service, like Fairy Tail Pet Care, to take care of and love on your pup during the session so that you two can have a stress-free enagagement session.

5. Remember that these Photos will be a Monumental Landmark of Your Legacy of Love

We believe that through the experience that we provide our couples, that we are able to create a community, memories, and overall experience that creates images that impact marriages.

Part of that experience is this tip right here. Let your engagement session be an experience. For our couples, a lot of that experience is facilitated by us through our sessions. But, there is one thing we tell all of our couples to do that every couple (even if they aren’t a Cooney Couple) can do to create a memorable experience together, and it is simple.

Make it a date night.

Get dressed up, laugh together during your session, soak it all in, and then, when the session is done, go on a date together. Talk about the experience you just had, what you love about each other, about your future, and your goals dreams. Because if you want the night to be special, you can make it special.

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Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon

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