4 Tips to Choosing Your Wedding Vendors

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Choosing Your Wedding Vendors

When it comes to choosing your wedding vendors, it can be thought of as a putting together a puzzle.

Each wedding vendor is a piece of that puzzle.

They all need to fit and come together to make your wedding day the beautiful picture you saw on the cover of the box.

The wedding industry is so big in this country that choosing those vendors is not an easy task. If you find a photographer in another state that you absolutely love and want to fly them out, you have that choice! You do not have to choose the one and only vendor in your area.

You have lots of options.

Which is why this video has such importance for you and your wedding day. We have seen weddings in which the vendors did not fit and come together like they should have and ultimately did not give the bride the picture she had hoped.

These four tips for choosing your wedding vendors are easy to-do, but need to be done. Consider your options for your wedding day, and use these tips to help you create that beautiful picture.

Tip 1 – Do you like their work?

One would assume that this is common knowledge, right? No. Their work is obviously what you want on your wedding day. You may like their personalities, but don’t love their work. Simply enough, don’t choose this vendor for your day. Choose wedding vendors where you love and admire their work and their personalities. Don’t settle when it comes to your vendors, and be sure to choose a team that will make your dream a reality.

Tip 2 – Determine Their Pricing

Does their pricing fit within your wedding budget? Most vendors have their pricing listed on their websites, so go and see if it falls within your pricing. If a vendor does not fit within that budget or you cannot find any information, fill out their contact form to get more information.

Tip 3 – Check for Credibility

Whenever you purchase something, you want to make sure its going to be worth your investment. Choosing your wedding vendors is not different. Making sure your investment will be fulfilled is important. Go and read reviews, look at their portfolio, and see if they have any blogs. Checking for consistency all across the board, from reviews to work in their portfolio on their website or Instagram.  Look at all their platforms to find the consistent credibility.

Tip 4 – Check their social media

Social media is probably the place to view their most up-to-date work. It is also a great place to view and learn about their personalities as they show their face on this platform. This can give you more inside information to see if their personalities are going to match yours, and be the type of player you want on your team for your day.

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