The Don CeSar Engagement Session | St. Petersburg, FL

Shauna sat on the living room couch, relaxing. Doing as most do when on instagram, scrolling. Mindlessly. Her phone buzzed, notifying her of a new message. And as she opened the message, her jaw dropped, and her hand touched in her chest in flattery. “Jordon… she got engaged less than an hour ago, and she is already reaching out to us.” After just only a few hours after Wilson dropped to his knee asking for Yessica’s hand in marriage.

And from there, everything seems to falling in order for the newly engaged couple.

Engaged, check. Schedule engagement photos, check. Road trip, check. Cruise to the Bahamas, check. And the best part? All of it (besides for the engagement photos) was scheduled before the proposal even happened. Yessica and Wilson had always wanted to go on a cruise, and what better way to christen an engagement, than with a nice cruise with the one you love most?

But that wasn’t all…

They also decided to road trip from South Caroline to Sarasota, Florida for a little weekend getaway, drive to St. Petersburg for their engagement photos at The Don Cesar, and then immediately following that they were off to Orlando to prepare for that cruise.

The sweetest adventure to celebrate their engagement.

Yessica and Wilson, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate your love with one another than the exact way you two have done it. We are so excited for the both of you, and a little jealous, of the way you two are celebrating.(We mean, we should have thought of that ourselves!!) We remember this high that you two are floating on being recently engaged, and love how you two are taking the time to truly soak it all in. . So as you two continue to celebrate your love for each other, we will be here cheering you on. And whenever you two need us, Shauna will be sure to have her phone ready.

Hugs and lots of love,

Shauna and Jordon


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